xxex.xxvxa.com spin the lucky wheel scam exposed

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What is xxex.xxvxa.com

The site xxex.xxvxa.com is a site where you are directed to from different links that tell you that you  can stand a chance to win some exclusive gifts if you spin the wheel on the site. I have come across it a couple of times myself and there is no doubt that this thing is a complete wastage of time.

It doesn’t even functional well and all it does it make people spam their link to their friends so they get more traffic and make people do stuff for them. If you have come across them and any spin the wheel for a gift that seeks suspicious you are encouraged not to do anything they tell you.



I have done it a couple of times and after sending to the required number of contacts or groups it still tells you that you gave sent to 1 person and to send to some more. Even if you do manage to get past that they will redirect you to some useless sites and at the end the bottom line and fact still remains that you don’t get the item you were told you won. The reviews on the page are just reviews and this xxex.xxvxa.com spin the wheel is not legit.

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