About Wealthy Affiliate

What is wealthy affiliate?


Wealthy affiliate is an online platform that helps you create an online business. It gives you access to all the tools that you require to start a business and all the necessary training are within this platform.

How do I start an online business using Wealthy Affiliate?

At wealthy affiliate you learn how to create your business at the same time creating the business. This is what we can call on the job training.

There are two main parts of creating an online business. These are creation of a website and monetization of the website. These two main parts will be further divided into 5 training courses at wealthy affiliate. By the end of the 5 courses at wealthy affiliate you will be an expert in website creation and monetisation.

How do I earn money???

There 2 main ways that you will learn to monetize your websites with. These are affiliate marketting and Google ads. Affiliate marketing is whereby you refer people to buy a product and you earn commissions. With Wealthy affiliate you will learn how to get thousands of people to your website leading to many sales made through your site. Following the training offered you will find that this is not hard, though it may take time it will be worth it.

You will also earn from displaying ads on your site. Every click on an advert on your site will lead to money being paid to you by the advertiser. This will not earn you as much as you can earn through affiliate marketing but will earn you a satisfactory amount if you are a rational person.

How much money can i make using wealthy affiliate training?

Like any traditional business, the income you generate simply depends in how hard working you are. The harder you work the faster you start earning. Unlike other making money online ways, being an affiliate marketer is not a chop chop thing. It takes time, depending on the niche you are involved in and on how hard you are working to grow your website. The moment you start having visitors on your site is the moment you start making sales and earning.

How much you earn from your website depends on how much people or traffic you are having on your website. Traffic grows through content creation and also by being helpful. So at wealthy affiliate we say, ” Concentrate on helping people and helping people will make the money come in.” Follow the training and you will start earning a couple of hundreds every month from ads on your site. Through affiliate marketting you can make more than a thousand, 2 000, 3 000 even up to 10 000 dollars a month. This is a rough estimation considering how much other members are also making.


Bottom line is you can earn more than the salary you are paid at your traditional work place. The good thing about this is the income you make is a PASSIVE INCOME. It grows by the day as you keep working and once your website is grown, you can relax and still earn. Some wealthy affiliate members work on a site for maybe 6 months and by the time it’s six month old it will be earning them as much as $2 000 to $4 000 a month. You can sell such a site for as much as $ 40 000 and using $10 000 you can pay people to do all the work for you on your new site and get a profit of $30 000

Why Wealthy Affiliate?

  1. Years of experience, Wealthy affiliate has been in existence since 2005
  2. Best training ever ( You cannot get a better platform that is why its my top recommendation)
  3.  Feels like home – friendly, helpful people
  4. 24/7 help
  5. You can build up to 25 websites even though one is enough
  6. All questions you may have  already have existing answers within WA.
  7. You get to share your success, your failures, your mistakes, earnings and accomplishments with the WA community and get to hear fro others too.

How to get started

To get started as a Wealthy Affiliate member you simply have to create a free account and start your first lessons on how to build your website. Already have an existing domain, you can transfer it to wealthy affiliate hosting once you are a member.