About Wealthy Affiliate

What is Wealthy Affiliate

Hello everyone and I’m glad you all managed to make it here my review of what is Wealthy affiliate. Looking for legit ways to make money online? Well, I am Donald and I’m the owner of Scamzeroed.com and guess how I managed to create Scamzeroed and help you avoid scams? Through wealthy affiliate. Now first of all, this is nothing complicated at all. Do you have something you love to do or something you have information about or something you have always wanted to do and are willing to do research on? Currently I’m an studying for my accounting degree but when i was a little boy I wanted to become a detective but mom wouldn’t let me do that so later on I found wealthy affiliate and became an online detective, I simply help people avoid scams and earn from it.

What is wealthy affiliate? Wealthy affiliate is an online platform that helps you create an online business and this is what they tell you, focus on helping people and helping people is what makes the money come in. Clearly that is good ethics and that got me, I wanted to try it and I did. It gives you access to all the tools that you require to start your business of helping people and all the necessary training is within this platform.


How do I start an online business using Wealthy Affiliate?

Rest assured there is no better explanation of what Wealthy Affiliate is, that can surpass what I have told you above. It is all about helping people and earning from it. At wealthy affiliate you learn how to create your business at the same time creating the business and so this is that which we can call on-the-job training.

There are three main parts of creating an online business. These are creation of a website, creating content for the website and monetization. Now hold it there!!


1.Creation of a website?

You are probably thinking I can’t do that, I’m not an IT geek or some complicated person with all that knowledge. You don’t need all that. Creation of the website is the simplest thing you can never do. At Wealth Affiliate you will be having the platform to build the website and of course you won’t be doing it alone.

There is the step by step training and so it goes like this, you read here where it says click this button, or that button click this button and so on and guess how many minutes that will take you? 30 mins time is too long for you to have your own website on the internet and guess what? This you will be doing on a free account. I built my first website in 2018 and I must say it is just about as simple as boiling an egg. Now lets see what the next step is.


2. Creating content for your website.

So after doing all this you are already ready to help people. Creating Content is KING in this business. Pump put the information you know. Now you website must be having a direction it is headed, a particular Niche. As you create more content you become an authority in that Niche and your articles start getting trusted by Google and once that happens you are already on your way to the money.

If your Niche is about scams like mine, you start creating content pertaining to scams and if your Niche is about shoes you start creating content about shoes. Knowledge is power and at Wealthy Affiliate you will be taught how to get the best topics and get them to be on the top pages of Google so you get more website visitors. So the more quality content you create, the more visitors you get and that is the more money you make and that brings us to the third major point.



Did I just say that the more traffic you get the more money you make. Now where does the money come from? It comes from the monetization you did on your site and of course this is what you will also learn whilst building your site at Wealthy Affiliate. The main ways to monetize a site are 2 and that is through Google adsense and through affiliate marketing. Now wealthy affiliate is also known as the HOME OF AFFILIATE MARKETERS.


a) Affiliate marketing

This is whereby for examples we are in a shoes niche and we are reviewing a particular shoe and if it is good you lead someone to make a purchase using a link on your site and you get paid commission. I have known Wealthy Affiliate for more than a year now and there are many people within the community, it is like a social network because you get to follow each other and post stuff on it and get to send each other personal messages  and that is how I have come to have friends there.

People are making money out there. Thousands of dollars per month using affiliate marketing monetization. All you do is help people find the best product for them and they buy and you earn. I wasn’t using affiliate marketing technique because of the Niche I’m in of exposing scam stores mainly but I’ve just started working on a new niche of Nike sneakers where I’ll be helping people find the best Nike shoes for them and getting commission for it. You can check out my new site its called mynikesneaker.com.

So this is 24 October and I’m estimating that I’ll start making my PASSIVE income from the site early February and if all goes well earlier than that, i should have made my first sales and once you start making your first sale and keep creating more content the cash gets bigger by the month. So if you are reading this in February 2020 or after that, leave a comment asking how far I am with my goals and I’ll get back to you when i get your message.


I’m not going to lie to you

This is no make quick money scheme!!! This is about building a brand and an asset that you can sale. Did you know that websites can be sold? Yep, I have friends who build their sites, create content and once they start earning they sell their sites. I haven’t done it before but those who do so say you sell it for a price that is 30 to 40 times greater than your monthly income so if you can get your site to earn $ 1 000 per month you can sell it for $30 000 to $ 40 000 and $1 000 per month using affiliate marketing is real realistic.

Okay you can learn that later, first things first, this is not a quick money scheme, emphasis will be on creating helpful content after content to become an authority in your Niche and get more visitors. So clearly this will mean some hard work but in the end the payment is huge and passive, you can go for a while without any content created and still be earning lots once established. If you are not ready to work hard then don’t waste your time trying it out. Once you get started don’t look back, remember why you started. If ready you can get instant access to a free account here.


b) Google adense

I’m sorry I got carried away and forgot we were taking about monetization of a site. The second way to monetize is through ads, and Google adsense is the most common ad network used. This is the least paying way to make money online and also the one I use on my site. I don’t recommend it at all that is why I had to start a new niche. By the way you can monetize your website using more than one way.

Anyways I do get some cash from it and not bad for a guy who types 20 mins every morning and gets up to get started on his day. So today is 24 October and yesterday I got another payment which I’m going to show you just now and it is a Google adsesne payment, not much but just to show you it works.

What they simply do is they put ads on your site and you earn from the clicks on the ads they put. It doesn’t pay much but I can’t complain since I’m working on a new niche  now but I love exposing scams this will be a lifetime thing and I have also sent a picture from my Google adsense dashboard which I tool this morning, and yea some days are better than others and today I think by end of day I may be at $15 to $20. The earnings grow by the month, my site is only a few months old as at date of review.


Now  These three main parts of webs creation, content writing and monetisation will be further divided into 5 training courses at wealthy affiliate. By the end of the 5 courses at wealthy affiliate you will be an expert in website creation and monetisation and never forget to follow the training.


How much money can i make using wealthy affiliate training?

Like any traditional business, the income you generate simply depends on how hard working you are. The harder you work the faster you start earning. Unlike other making money online ways, being an affiliate marketer is not a chop chop thing. It takes time, depending on the niche you are involved in and on how hard you are working to grow your website. The moment you start having visitors on your site is the moment you start making sales and earning and I suggest that you measure the success of your site on a 6 month basis (success, not making first sales) , that is what I personally do and have learned from my experience at wealth affiliate.

How much you earn from your website depends on how much people or traffic you are having on your website. Traffic grows through content creation and also by being helpful. So at wealthy affiliate we say, ” Concentrate on helping people and helping people will make the money come in.” Follow the training and you will start earning a couple of hundreds every month from ads on your site. Through affiliate marketting you can make more than a thousand, 2 000, 3 000 even up to 10 000 dollars a month. This is a rough estimation considering how much other members are also making.


Need my help?

When you get to wealthy affiliate you will have 2 followers and that is Kyle and Carson, the founders of Wealthy Affiliate. These guys are really helpful but the platform is big and won’t always be easily available for you. I’ve been on this for quite some time now and will be happy to help you succeed.

The training is adequate but of course I’ve made some mistakes and will help you with some important tips I’ve mastered over the time I’ve been there. So if you join through any of th links here I’ll be automatically added to your list and I’ll be notified of your arrival and you will be one of my referrals which I will be personally liable to. If you think you are ready and would want to get started with wealthy affiliate then that is okay you can just CLICK HERE TO JOIN AND I’LL HAVE YOU AS MY REFERRAL.


Let me Wrap this up

Bottom line is you can earn more than the salary you are paid at your traditional work place. The good thing about this is the income you make is a PASSIVE INCOME. It grows by the day as you keep working and once your website is grown, you can relax and still earn. Some wealthy affiliate members work on a site for maybe 6 months and by the time it’s six month old it will be earning them as much as $1 000 to $4 000 a month. You can sell such a site for as much as $ 40 000 and  you can pay people to do all the work for you on your new site and get a profit by do the work I mean create content for you.


Why Wealthy Affiliate?

  1. Years of experience, Wealthy affiliate has been in existence since 2005
  2. Best training ever ( You cannot get a better platform that is why its my top recommendation)
  3.  Feels like home – friendly, helpful people and this in really mean it
  4. 24/7 live support help
  5. You can build up to 25 websites even though one is enough
  6. All questions you may have  already have existing answers within WA.
  7. You get to share your success, your failures, your mistakes, earnings and accomplishments with the WA community and get to hear fro others too.
  9.  There are also ways you can make money on wealthy affiliate for instance I’m a certified commenter and that means I get just about $ 150 per month for commenting people’s blogs.


Is $49 too much?

For me it was. I joined WA and exchange rates got bad, I lost membership and with all the training I got started my site on a new host with no help whatsoever. I decided to move back when I started earning from my site so I literally pay for membership using the money I got from their help.

The tools found at WA are expensive tools. You will understand this when you get started on this journey and all that for 49$ is simply insane cheap God knows that is true. If you try to acquire those tools from anyone else you have to pay more than 300 or 400 per month. I have tried it before. Hosting just 2 websites gets you way last 50 bucks and keyword research tool is 50$ per month and comments and hosting and support and all that already you are way past $49. If you don’t feel it is worth it don’t try it, I felt it is.


How to get started

To get started as a Wealthy Affiliate member you simply have to create a free account and start your first lessons on how to build your website. Already have an existing domain, you can transfer it to wealthy affiliate hosting once you are a member. First month you get to pay $19 membership fee due to a discount and if you don’t like it $19 isn’t much is it.



Thanks for all this time I have taken. I hope you found this to be a good explanation of what is Wealthy Affiliate and this is something worth a shot. Don’t forget to avoid scams.

Good luck