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Hello. Welcome to my site. Scamzeroed is here to help you save your time and money on your quest to find something real, genuine ways to make a living from the thousands of programs available online.

About Donny

My full name is Donald but I prefer Donny, I am an online entrepreneur, I love music, I love nature and I love going to church. Currently i am studying for my Accounting degree at CUT university of technology and doing research on Online Scams.

Why scams?

Everyday many people around the world are being used and robbed as they try to make a living from online programs. There is nothing that is more heart breaking than working tirelessly and putting in money to try to make a living and coming to find out that all that effort was a waste.

I have been there too

After finishing my school i didn’t want to continue being a burden to my mom so I began to search for ways I could make money online. So yea I came across quite a number of scams and  finally came across something that looked genuine.

It looked genuine, felt genuine and was genuine. Anyways I was always thrilled by the thought of being an entrepreneur so I took that genuine opportunity. I’m happy I became a Wealthy Affiliate member and I have never regretted doing that because so far I’ve been good and so has everybody else there.


  1. Wealthy affiliate taught me one important thing about being an online entrepreneur, “WORRY MORE ABOUT HELPING PEOPLE AND HELPING PEOPLE WILL MAKE THE MONEY COME IN.” So I like being relevant to the world and so have two websites that are helping people.
  2. I could make money helping people and being informative in whatever Niche I wanted to. I just had to do exactly what the training told me to.

I hope you find the information and research on my site useful. For any help you may want to get or any question you might have, feel free to leave a comment or email me at donny@blueprintlives.com

All the best,



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