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The online store  has been getting lots of people wondering whether this could be a scam or a legit site. The site has been advertising some toy which is called the Raminator  monster truck or big foot monster truck which costs about 3 000 bucks and they are selling it for as little as $59.00.

What do you think about this online store? Definitely can’t be legit and in this review we are going to be showing you just that and some sxam signs too that you may have had missed.


Scam signs

The first scam sign is the price they are charging. According to some sources they won’t be sending you the Bigfoot Monster truck but a smaller version of it. So in a way already you are scammed if this happens because it was misrepresented so you cannot trust them and there are chances that they won’t even send you anything. was created in March according to whois details by there isn’t much that was said about it since  then. The contact details of the site arent given except for an email address and this  is a trick that is used by scammers to hide their true identity. They don’t have any phone number to call or address just like any other scam site.



I wouldn’t buy anything from this online store. They are prices are clearly made in a way to make you believe they are cheap and yet they will in the best scenario send you fake items which cost lower than what you would have hoped to get. Hopefully if you made a payment you will at least get something. Please let us know of your experience and views regarding this online store in the comments section.

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  1. Jared

    SCAM 100% fake ordered and delivered broken tiny battery RC truck that would cost about $5-15 at most retailers. Honestly I figured it was tgtbt and that it would come in a smaller scale and not be top quality but what was received was not anything close to advertised. I got this off a snapchat ad it makes me more angry that SC allows fraudulent ads to be broadcast to ot users and isn’t held accountable.


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