What does Munanyo mean on Tiktok

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Munanyo meaning (Muñañyo)

Have you been seeing some weird videos of people saying Munanyo on Tiktok and have been wondering what it means. Well you aren’t the only one. A whole lot of people have been wondering the same too as this has been one of the trending memes on tik tok. In this review we are going to be looking at the meaning of the word Munanyo.

If you have your own views please do leave a comment and share your views regarding this word. Honestly speaking I don’t really find it funny but some people do. I even feel it is quite annoying and just as I thought, this word has no meaning at all. Some people may know it as Munano or muñaño or muñañyo or but the word is Munanyo  or muñañyo. As far as I know.



Don’t let this word make you wonder a lot. It is just a word someone came up with to make people confused like you go to a stranger and just be yelling Munanyo or can I have Munanyo. Just so you can get them confused. Do you gave any other word you wanna know the meaning to? Let us know in the comments section.


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