What’s said about you in your home town facebook game

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Have you lately come across some game that many people in Facebook have been posting about what people say about you in your home town. Well this is quite a simple game just like the rest of the many Facebook games that are played by people.

There is nothing really phishy or not safe about the game if you were wondering from as far as we have looked into it. To play the game you simply click on the image of the of the person who also played it or you can use the link below to try to access the game.





There are so many games that have been played and have been created as Facebook instant games so people find stuff that are engaging that they can post for their followers and to get some engagement from their Facebook friends. This game of what’s said about you in your home town is one of them and though it is just a fake game for fun there really is nothing wrong with it. If you have any questions regarding this game please leave a comment.

Good luck

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