Subway rewads facebook scam : Beware of scam

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Lately there has been a trending page or should I say pages claiming to be legit Subway pages but these are actually scammers who are trying to get to people’s financial details and other items scammers usually would want.

I’m sure you have come across accounts on Facebook and pages claiming that you can get some Subway gift cards for free. We have taken some time to look into these and have found them to be an old scam that is just doin things a little different. As you shall see in this review the Everyone gets a Subway gift card is a scam and not to be followed in anything they tell you to do.


All you need to know about the scam

If you came across them on some page then you might have had already realised that the pages are new pages that have as little as 0 likes and no following at all. They will tell you to like, share and comment and register but this is just how Facebook scams usually work.To see that they are a scam they will tell you to click some link that redirects people to different sites which have funny unknown and untrustworthy domain names.

There you will see such things as you have received 100 000 dollars or you have won an iPhone or they will tell you to make a call to get your gift card or so you to complete some surveys.  When you see this then you should know this is a scam. They are also asking people to make some little payment at times.



The Subway rewards page and comments and texts or whatever it however they may have gotten to you is a scam. Do not do anything they tell you to do it will only end in you being scammed one way or the other. If you have had some experience with the scam or have questions please leave a comment.

Good luck


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