2 Towns Ciderhouse Hard Cider Class Action Settlement

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Have you heard about the 2 Towns cider house class action settlement. Well we should be expecting some emails to get sent to people or you wake up and find some check from 2 towns in the mail box. So its quite normal to have people asking about this settlement and asking questions like who is eligible, how to be a beneficiary, what the case is about or even if the 2 towns cider settlement is a scam or legit. Well here we will be telling you all you may need to know about this settlememt and also help you on how to claim it. If you have received any more information about the 2 Towns Ciderhouse Hard Cider Class Action Settlement please leave a message and help spread awareness.


The Cider settlement case

2 Towns is being accused for having had a misrepresentation of its products claiming that they did not have any artificial flavors. This probably led some customers to buy their products and pay a higer price than they would have been willing to pay had they known the products did contain some artificial. It is said that 2 Towns probably did this to avoid the costs of using any further natural flavours and that all drinks the company made that have the Apple flavor actually do contain an artificial flavour.


According to the plaintiffs customers bought the products believing that according to 2 cider house packaging and advertisements

“Nothing Artificial: NO concentrates or refined sugars; NO essences or artificial flavors; NO velcorin or sorbate.”

So certain products of 2 Towns are claimed to be containing DL-Malic acid.


Who is eligible

2 Towns has agreed to pay about 1 million in a class action settlement so looks like a lot of people will be getting some from this settlement. Well not everyone that bought a 2 Towns hard cider product will really be eligible but those that bought between 12 March 2016 and 11 october 2020, the 2 towns hard cider products listed below.

Bright Cider

Easy Squeezy

Pacific Pineapple

Made Marion

Ginja Ninja


Bad Apple

Cherried Away

Cot in the Act

Sun’s Out Saison

Nice & Naughty



Prickly Pearadise

Serious Scrump

Imperial Hop & Stalk

How much you may get

Well that depends on various items. You can be a beneficiary without having the proof of purhase but withot proof of purchase you can only claim for not more than 10 products . Claims without  the proof of purchase over 10 products will be averaged and added to a weighted value.

Those who do not qualify to claim are advised not to as you will be submitting your claim under a penalty of Perjury. You will be harming the accused party and also those who are also truly eligible to receive the cheques. All claims should have had been submitted by 9 January 2020 and all those who wish to be excluded from the settlement should have had excluded themselves by 28 December 2020. The fairness hearing is scheduled for 10 May 2020. If you wish to file a claim visit the official website for this settlement and here you will also get more details about this 2 Towns cider settlement.





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