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What is Wallbitstreet.com. Investigation by scamzeroed.com

Hello and welcome to my review of What is Wallbitstreet.com. It is always important to check that a site is honesty, legal and has the capability and intention to pay it’s investors the returns of their investments. Sadly such sites are almost extinct, now what remains is hundreds and hundreds of scam sites which is probably why you should look into a site first before investing in it. This review will answer questions like is Wallbitstreet.com a scam, legit, honest, fraudulent, real, good, real, bad or trustworthy online investment site. I hope this review will be adequate enough to help you make your investment decision and be am eye opener on how to identify scam sites before they scam anyone.

Too bad this site does not have any online reputation as at date of post but that is exactly the purpose of scamzeroed.com, to help you detect a scam without first having someone lose a little of their cash in it. The criteria used here is always correct according to the many sites we have had to review before. Wallbitstreet.com is an investment site which is still new and has 4 investment plans which obviously depend on how much you are willing to invest and the payments are made hourly. Now the real question is can we really trust this to be true? Is this site legit to invest in?


What is wallbitstreet.com? Is it a scam?

After investigating this site we found out that Wallbitstreet.com is actually a scam. If you do choose to invest in this site don’t expect to gain from it. What isn’t sure as yet is will they pay you part of your investment or will they keep it all to themself. Like I said this site doesn’t have any online reputation as yet.

So in this investigation we look at a couple of things that have led to the conclusion that the site is a scam. Now for those looking for scam free ways to make money online please check out our post on scam free ways to make money online.



Reasons why wallbitstreet.com has been labeled a scam

1. The company does not exist

The site claims that Wall bit Street is a company that is registered in the United Kingdom. So all companies registered in the UK are listed on the companies house website and this information is free to search.If you look for the site on the companies house you will also realise that this company doesn’t exist at all but these scam sites do know that people won’t look into these details at all.

They are right people don’t really worry about verifying such information. The moment they see that the site claims to be part of a company they are already convinced that it is a legit site when it isn’t. Mentioning the company is done so as to make the scam look real and serious and official. There is also no proof that the site is part of such a company. When there is no company involved then you are dealing with individuals and there is no security of your investment at all.

2. No details of owner ( hidden identities)

Now as I was talking of lack of security of your investment when there is no legal entity,  we also found out there is no real person mentioned as owner of the site. It is just a site which states that it belongs to a company in the UK and the company we found out does  not exist, so in other words this leaves us with no company but owner of the site.

So to check who owns this site you can use different whois websites and you will also just like we did, find out that the owner of the site’s name was not included on the registration details. This leaves us with nothing, it’s just the investor and the site and you can’t report the site for scam. All that can be done is close it down after many complaints have been discovered but you can’t get your money back. This is a common thing, all scams don’t contain the details of the owner and that is pretty obvious.

3. Fake contact details

Lately we didn’t think much about contact details of the owner of the site because I just assumed they were real. So I just decided to try these out and called the number they have in the website and ask a few questions about the payment plan. I did and guess What? I got a notified that I had just tried calling a very invalid number.

I already know that the address of the site is also a fake address. All these things are put in place so that the scam just looks legit. They are for display and all that is just proof that this site isnt trust worthy because it has been lying from the start till now. You can also try those details and confirm that they are fake

4. Unrealistic payment plans

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As far as money is concerned it doesn’t really matter whether you are making it in traditional ways or online. Money always be scarce and hard to get, you will always have to work hard for it so when you come across a site that looks like it is offering you money for free then you should be able to tell its a scam.

To avoid much calculations let’s just take 230% of what you invest after one day and work with that investment plan. It looks small but it is huge and there is no way the site can make enough money to pay all investors that without making a huge loss.



Other things to consider

You should also the age of the site. Statistics has it that most scams are still young and range from 1 day old sites to 6 months old sites but most sites are less than 2 months old. Once they get exposed and have very little or no investors they suddenly dissappear and most are deleted or blocked by their hosts.

If you want to earn money online using investment sites ( which we highly discourage) aim for sites that are at least a year old and above. Time fishes out all scam sites one way or the other. This Site started operating on the 1st of December 2018.

If you are looking for safe ways to earn online you can also try out this recommended site Wealthy affiliate. Click here to get access to wealthy affiliate communityIf you have further questions concerning our investigation on what is wallbitstreet.com leave a comment on the section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Good luck


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