Affiliate marketting is a scam or not : Affiliate marketting review

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Introduction to “Affiliate marketting is a scam not legit site?”

I have had people who have question like what is affiliate marketting. Maybe you have some people who say affiliate marketting is a scam or not a legit way of making money online and have been wondering too. In this review I’m going to be helping you on whether this statement is true of false.

Affiliate marketting is a scam or not legit site? What is a affiliate marketting?

Now before we can conclude on whether  the statement affiliate marketting is a scam or not legit way of making money online it is important to first understand what affiliate marketting is.

Affiliate marketting in my own words is whereby a marketer refers a customer to buy goods from the producer or retailer and gets paid commission for it. So there is really nothing fishy about this process and way of making money. It is like advertising a good product and getting paid for successful advertising.



For as far as I know, affiliate marketting is one best way to make money online and I always recommend it because I regard it as scam free when done properly. My site does reviews on scam sites and I have not come across scam affiliate marketting sites although I believe that scam affiliate programs do exist even if no one has really experienced it as far as I know.

As far as my experience is concerned affiliate marketting is one scam free way of earning online. Good thing about affiliate marketting is that you get to choose from many affiliate programs, thousands of them and you get to do business with large online stores like Amazon. There is no way Amazon can scam you because this is a well known online store and it would actually make losses as the number of customers will be reduced.

How affiliate marketting works

Okay affiliate marketting is best described by the above pictorial diagram. You have a website or create a website and this process is not really hard if you don’t have one you will learn about the best sites that teach you affiliate marketting from web creation to the very last phase of success in affiliate marketting. This website you will create is where you will be able to market the products of the retailer and get paid for it. So you create a website and choose a niche you want to specialise in.

First of all you will  have to apply to become an affiliate marketter for whichever affiliate program you choose. Once you have been accepted you will be given a url link which has a special code on it and this code is used to track who exactly has made the sale. So once you have a link on the website leading to a sale, the person who clicks the link and buys something earns you money.

Good thing about affiliate marketting

Affiliate marketting is good in that you get to promote only the goods you think are good for the customer. The most important rule is that you have to worry about the customers needs first so that you don’t lead them into buying something that isn’t really good. Worry about serving your page visitors the right and quality information and that will make the money come in. There is some integrity on that.

This is unlike network marketting where you only promote and convince people into joining a program because you know it will get you money but there is no real reason or benefit from it. For example if your website is about best wedding dresses, you have a lot of affiliate programs to choose from and you choose the one that you see is really fit to promote and really is the best you know of.

Affiliate marketting using websites is also well paying too. It is one of the most paying way online and the best way to monetize your site. When you have been taught how to build a successful website and have been given the right tools your website can get as many as tens of thousands of visitors per month and this means from these tens of thousands you can get a lot of sales. Most successful affiliate marketers I know get a monthly  4 figure amounts of passive income. Affiliate marketting pushes you to provide quality content in order to convert and It is also informative and not just after money.

How long does it take to become a successful affiliate marketer

Well this actually depends on how constantly and consistent you are in content creation . To market you first have to communicate with your audience and show them what they are looking for exactly and when they see it and buy it you get paid for helping. So you will need proper training on how to get your website to be competent and when you are working fairly hard and following the training you can start getting traffic or visitors in a month or 2 on your page.

Web hosting for starters

If you haven’t had any experience with web creation and affiliate marketting there is a thing which is of important that you will need, web hosting. A web host is a platform where you get to create your website and create content on it and access it. You cannot really have a website without you having a host. Hosts will also teach you and take you through the website creation  phase and so you should choose a very outstanding web host.

The best web hosting for affiliate marketers

If you are planning to be an affiliate marketer then the best web host you can have is the wealthy affiliate platform. It offers you so much and more. This host has been producing the most successful affiliate marketers and is our #1 recommendation when you are to make a choice of which site to use.

Wealthy affiliate has been time tested and tried since 2005 and It is still in business. It will give you access to thousands of answers to questions you want to ask and there is also a 24/7 support from the community and expert teachers within. WA will give you all the tools and training you need to create meaningful content and I will also provide you with web hosting for 2 sites for absolutely no charge after you create a free account and try it out.


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Like I already mentioned I personally promote affiliate marketting and believe this is one honest and scam free way to make money online. Hence the allegation that affiliate marketing is a scam or not a legit way to earn online are not true. All you have to do is be patient and not wait for the day money starts trickling in by itself, create content and aim to get ranked in the first pages. You will understand more of this when you become an affiliate marketer yourself, if you however feel that you have a question about affiliate marketting please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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