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Welcome to our review of What is highrealfund.site

Hello and welcome to scamzeroed.com’s review of what is highrealfund.site. In this post we are going to help you make your decision of whether to make an investment at this site or to keep your money with you. We also help online job seekers find real legit and scam free ways to earn online. If you have questions like what is highrealfund.site, is highrealfund.site a scam, real, bad, good, honest, legit, genuine, trustworthy, honest or a fraudulent investment site then this is the right review for you. We hope this review will be an eye opener and answer all these questions to help you in your investment decision.

However we do not encourage that any online jobs seeker or person looking for ways to make money to invest their money in high yielding investment programs common it known as HYIP sites or investment sites. As is written on all Hyip sites that I know of on the frequently asked questions there is always a risk involved in all online investment programs. We will try to help you by referring you to scam free ways of making money online. Now let us look at whether this site is a scam or a legit way to make money online.


What is highrealfund.site? Is this site a scam or legit investment site?

To start on what is highrealfund.site it is important to know the nature and type of site you are dealing with. Most online investment sites can be referred to as ponzi schemes. Ponzi schemes  are sites which make people invest in theor site and they themselves won’t have to put any of their funds at risk.

These sites once they get  investors can at times pay back the older investors with the funds they get from new investors. Usually payments are made to hyip monitoring sites so that the site is not quickly identified as a non paying site and scam as this bad publicity may result in very few investors or no investors at all meaning that the site will not get much.

So if the hyip can get to pay the hyip monitors when they invest this can result in a good public report as most monitors simply report what has been done to them and forget to look at the real existence of the business and whether the site will really be able to pay off it’s investors wih the given profits they promise to the investors. So when making investment decisions looking at what hyip monitors say has become one way the sites can get more investors to scam. In this review we shall take a look at the criteria one can use to detect and avoid scams.


Is highrealfund.site a scam or legit site?

Please note that as at date of post Highrealfund.site has no form of online reputation and this review is done without any reports from any investors as scamzeroed.com does review of new sites and warns people of them before any can invest in them. Now using the criteria which we shall be using below it has been found out that Highrealfund.site is a scam and one should not invest in this site.

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This criteria has been out to the test and has been right in all the previous reviews and it also is a definitions of what a scam is. Below are the things which one should consider when thinking of investing in an online site. The trust percentage of the sote has also been given below after taking into consideration the features of the site.





This site has a very low trust percentage

1. Unrealistic payment plans

This is one major way of finding out whether a site is a scam or not. Some promised profits can easily prove that the site is a scam and is just trying to get people to part with their money and is not really a real investment site.

Highrealfund.site has a payment plan of 20% per day of the amount you invest and this figure is so so so not possible considering the fact that this is being paid till the day the world ends. Actually I am mistaken the site promises to pay these returns afyer every hour and if this was in a day it still wouldn’t be possible and now that it is a day this is actually insane.

There are also other 2 investment plans of 24% hourly and 15% hourly forever. Now the term forever is what makes this unrealistic. If it was for a month it was still going to be unrealistic or even a week it still cannot be done whether it is real mining, comining, bitcoin mining or whatever it is.

Making money online is just as real as any other way of making money online and if there is no way this can be made possible without the company having had to go through abnormal losses FOREVER too.

2. The company

Now concerning the company stated there is absolutely no evidence the the site does belong to the company. The company is registered but there is no proof of it being connected with the site.

3. Hidden details

The site as far as we know does  not have any real personalities that can be verified. The site was registered but the name of the owner was not given. So this is like lending your money to a person you don’t even know and waiting for the person’s return.

4. The site is too new

Currently the site is still too new to be trusted..one rule when dealing with investment site is you should never trust a new site..This is because sit can be here today and tomorrow you will come to find out that the page has been  deleted. Give the site time to prove it’s trustworthy first and you will realise that it cannot go for 2 months or even a month before it has a very bad online  reputation.



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Now the question of what is highrealfund.site has been answered. This Site is no doubt a scam and you should not invest in it. The above site is a reviewed site, time tested and has a good reputation online and it is one outstanding way to make money online. If you have any questions about highrealfund.site please leave a comment below and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

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