What is Vidswatcher.com : Is this PTC site a legit site to make money online?

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Introduction of all you may need to know about what is vidswatcher. com

Hello welcome to my review of what is vidswatcher. com. here I`m going to be taking you through an honest review of what this site is all about. After going through this review I hope you will find answers to all question you may have about the site.  Do you have questions like what is vidswatcher. com, is vidswatcher. com legit, fake, honest, real, trustworthy or fraudulent site? Then this may be the right place for you.

Vidswatcher. com is a site that helps people make money by viewing youtube videos so it’s a Paid to Click site. Other than that one can also post his her or YouTube videos, get them watched and get subscriptions from real people and pay the site for it.

What is vidswatcher. com and what are it’s benefits

Well to understand the importance and usefulness and what is vidswatcher. com you need to have had at least come across how to monetize a YouTube channel and I’m sure most people are aware of the fact that one can earn real money through YouTube .

It used to be easier and now it’s not that easy anymore your staff has got to be quite outstanding and you have got to get lots of subscribers too which is not that easy either. I have tried being a YouTuber too and I haven’t had much success lol I had nothing to post so I resorted to making money through blogging and helping people. It is way easier and less demanding you should try it out, just click here and see how it is done.

Benefits of using vidswatcher

If you have access to Wi-Fi you can just watch videos that other people submit. Of course you won’t earn much because PTC sites don’t pay much that is why I prefer affiliate marketing, if you want to know about affiliate marketing and how much you can make and how it is done and which site is the best to start as an affiliate marketer please click here.

If you do submit your videos for watching this helps your you tube get ranked and get more traffic and more subscribers if the site has real helpful or fun staff to watch and if it isn’t you may want to reconsider because once this vidswatcher goes away which I suppose will happen some time soon you will be right back to zero, if your videos are good then lucky you that is a great opportunity to boost your business.

How does Vidswatch boost YouTube channels??

Currently to be able to monetize your YouTube channel you need at least 2000 hours to be spent by your viewers watching your videos and also 2 000 subscribers. So when you have the help of vidswatcher you can get the subscribers more quickly and the 2000 hours watch time too.

However I’m sure it is not that easy either even with the help of such a site. Well that is one thing you can’t run away from when it comes to making money online, there is a matter of time and hard work, once those too have been satisfied you can earn quite a huge and more than enough income whilst doing almost nothing or very little.

Can Vidswatcher. com be trusted

Well actually there isn’t anything that is fishy about the site, the deal is quite more of a scam free deal, if there is ever going to be any scamming I have absolutely no idea how that can be done. I mean like what could you probably get scammed by submitting your videos for watching and then of course you have to pay the guys very little money I think about 2 dollars for many many videos.

The only people at risk in this game are those who watch the videos. If you are going to be playing that Part then you are the risk taker, you are risking watching hours and hours of videos for nothing at all, making others earn from your hard work. Plus the truth is the money you get is very little it isn’t worth it. I have done that before when I started off my journey of trying to make money online I watched ads and never got paid for it and it didn’t really go down well with me so I don’t really advice anyone to work for PTC sites.

Here are a number of ways to make money online

1. Most recommended affiliate marketting

This is my #1 Most recommended way of making money online. It is scam free actually, you can’t get scammed because you are dealing with big firms such as Amazon and Wal-Mart and promoting their products through blogging. There are millions and millions of products you can promote and get paid for every sale with payments going even over 50% of the total sale. Say goodbye to the old way of promoting products by going to people’s social platforms, affiliate marketing is best when done using search engines like Google, all you is learn, apply and learn.

I have done affiliate marketing using different platforms such as go daddy and others and these are very very insufficient for a newbie and even an expert. The best platform you can use to start up you can access it by clicking the button below and as far as i know it is the best in the market and gives you every tool and every lesson you need to make it to the top. Click the button below and create a free account to get access to my #1 Most recommended and scam free way to make money online.

Click here

2. Paid to Click sites

Well vidswatcher is a PTC but it is quite a different PTC. Real PTC sites make you click ads and per advert you can earn no more than 3c and the most common is 0.001 to 0.01 dollars and with a threshold for withdrawal of maybe 10$ or 25 and that means thousands and thousands of ads just for 10 bucks and I don’t recommend it at all. It’s the least paying g

3. You tube

Well this is what we have been discussing about. You can earn a reasonable figure if you can create loveable videos and get people to subscribe to your channel. It is a great way to earn but these days the conditions required are almost unachievable and the ones who earn big from it now are the people who got to do it before it had many people in the game. So rather be an affiliate marketer.


Now I hope you got to know not just what is vidswatcher. com but also other ways to make money online and which one is the best. What do you think about vidswatcher, do you think it is a scam, legit, fraudulent or genuine? Do you have any questions. Please do feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Good luck

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