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Introduction to what is buy.com

Hello welcome to my review of what is buy.com. If you have come across this website then I’m sure you have been trying to figure out whether this site is legit or a scam. Do you have an idea what the site is all about? Well you are just about to find out in this review, this might not be the best review but at least you will get to hear a little about how I see and view this site. What is buying.com? Is it a scam, legit, fake, real, genuine or fraudulent?

Here I have been doing quite some successful and honest reviews and I call a spade a spade and not a spoon, so I am just going to be honest about the site and I have no reason to give this thing a bad name. So in this review I’m just going to be talking about what I found out and what I understand about it and the questions I have about it and the answers I have about it.

What is buy.com? What exactly does it do?

According to my research and understandings on what is buy.com it is an e-commerce thing or protocol that is just like amazon in a way but then this one is quite different in a way and is trying to make something that is cheaper than Amazon and Walmart. So buy.com has a strategy that they are trying to implement to be able to have to sell goods at a cheaper and affordable price and this strategy is simply trying to buy directly from the manufacturer hence making it cheaper.

Taking into consideration the MOQ concept which is the minimum level of products a buyer can buy when buying from a manufacturer or a wholesaler the firm aims to help its users to purchase goods at a cheaper price by intergrating people who want to buy a certain good and buying it for them as one and so getting it at a cheaper price from the manufacturer. So at the moment the site or the company has according to them about 2 million items for sale and according to what I hear the site has already started selling.

Business is on?

Yes business is on so you hurry and grab something from buy.com by just punching that on google. I am not promoting this site I promote staff that um sure about and do use myself like best ways to male money online that I know of, I’m just making you aware of the project and I myself haven’t used this site to buy staff because I don’t really trust it as yet and I haven’t had need to buy anything from it but I have to admit it looks pretty legit.

Well enough about what the site says let me start talking about my say and my take and like I already said I wont have to call genuine sites scams for no reason, I`ll just point you to some silly staff that I think look fishy and tell you why I don’t trust the site 100%.

Here are a couple of things that look fishy to me

1. Age of site

If you have ever read one of my posts I’m always complaining about new sites, they are always the scams, well not everytime but most of the times they are scams, they exist today and a month down the line or 6 months down the line they are no longer there, they have been deleted by their owners or suspended by their hosts, that isn’t the same thing about the site, the site is just way too old to be true.

Yea yea this site has a too old age. According to the details that are given on whois this site is almost twenty years old and was created in 1998. I don’t know what the site was about back then it is totally obvious it wasn’t about e-commerce because this e-commerce project was started in 2018 most probably August and yet still there is no history whatsoever about the site`s previous existence. I do have an idea though that this can actually be a fake date. Can details on whois be altered?

2. Have you ever checked the facebook page?

I always do a check up of a site`s presence on social platforms such as facebook and twitter. This is because most scams show you a link to their social platform page to make the scam look more realistic and genuine and when you click the link you find out that it is just there for display and only refreshes the page you are on.

Good thing buy.com does have a real page on the shown platforms and the activity there is overwhelming there are thousands and thousands of comments and likes. The only problem is that some of these comments are from the very same people and none of them says anything anyone having have had bought anything using the site so I’m still unsure whether this thing really works or not.

So this is actually number 2 and 3, some of the comments are from just one person posting the same comment or something like that just at different days and no one has actually gotten anything from investing on the site.


This site is actually an investment site and no one has benefitted from investing in it as far as I can see but all are looking forward to it so here is my piece of advice on the investment issue, if you have a good feeling about buy.com do invest but only invest the amount that you can risk losing and nothing huge otherwise you may wait and wait and wait and wait.


Now let me wrap this up, I’m looking forward to the day this project gets really real and really trustworthy, for now I cant put my faith in  the name of a website which doesn’t really have a real tangible a company when it is saying there is more than 2 million products and I haven`t really seen the certificate of incorporation and I haven’t heard the real name of the company it was just about the .com.

this is just my view and I would like to hear from you too. What is buy.com? can you trust this site? Do you think it is a legit site to invest in? Please leave a comment and I`ll get back to you as soon as I can.


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