What is Nowpropel.com : Can new site Nowpropel be a scam?

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Introduction to my review of what is Nowpropel. com

Hello welcome to my review of what is Nowpropel. com. Have you come across Nowpropel. com before and ever thought whether it is a genuine investment site or genuine PTC site and never got your answer. In this review I’m going to be looking at all such question such as what is Nowpropel. com, is propel. com a scam, legit, fake, honest, good or bad, real and genuine PTC site? Well after taking a look at the site and having had done quite some research on it I might have some brilliant ideas for you.

Just in case you haven’t noticed Nowpropel isn’t just a PTC site neither is it just an investment site. It is a combination of both making money online ways so you can either choose to be an investor or you can choose to be an ADS clicker. So in this review I’m going to be taking a look at both sides of this site. Should you be an investor in the site or an ad clicker? Let us find out which one is better, the pros and cons of both and also other alternatives that you may want to check out.

What is Nowpropel. com as a PTC site. How I feel about ptc sites

Now if you were thinking of being an ads clicker on the site you are quite on the safe side than someone who wants to be an investor on the site. I will justify this view of course when I start a review on the investing side of the site.

Being an ad clicker isn’t my idea of making money online. I mean when we talk of making money online I think of doing business that is helpful to people and not just tricks to get paid, someone once said to make money online help people and helping people is what makes the money come.

If I’m going to do business online it has got to be something that is really paying and not some small figures my piece of advice is aim for something big and you will get big, now enough of that let me mind my own business and tell you whether Nowpropel. com is a legit PTC site or a scam.

Is Nowpropel. com a legit PTC site?

Well after having had done reviews on quite a number of PTC sites I have quite a taste of what is a scam and what is legit, scam sites will offer you unrealistic earnings such as 5c per click or 10c per click or even dollars. Good thing Nowpropel isn’t offering such staff, $0.005 is realistic and common.

If the site doesn’t pay you that much its just out of grid otherwise the figures can really be paid. Here is a tip for you can try out familybtc and neobux these are legit ptc sites and the only problem is that to get your 2 or 5 dollars payment you have got to work so hard, its actually not fair, its not worth it and I may have a better idea for you.

Better idea for you

Making money through ads has and will always be the least paying, most demanding and most boring job online.So if you didn’t know you may want to know that every ad from google earns you around 3c and thereabout per click. So these guys pay you from that 3c or 2c or whatever they get and keep the rest for themselves.

If you remove the mediator between you and google you can earn more from ads, so to do this you may want to cut a deal with google and be their advertiser. All you will need to do is learn how and where to get and display these ads and then you work for it and start earning from it a passive income. Click here and see the best way to make money through ads on wealthy affiliate.

Nowpropel as an investment site.

Have you been thinking about investing in Nowpropel, I have some bad news for you… DON`T. There are quite a number of reasons why you shouldn’t. First of all you have to understand that this is just a site and there is no company mentioned at all. I tried to look up a company by this name in the companies house records and it doesn’t exist.

By the way the figures promised as interest are not realistic. 20% every day for 17 days is 340% of what you invested on you first day and in the real world that doesn’t happen and also given the fact that there is no company involved at all you have got to keep your money with you.

It is very possible that a site can be legit in one way and be a scam on the other hand, once the site has enough of people`s money it can disappear almost immediately.

Other things to consider

Maybe you also hadn’t noticed that there is no owner of the site that is really mentioned. There are no real personalities involved with this site, it is just you, the site and your computer so if you ever get scammed you cannot blame anyone or approach anyone at all.

The site was registered and such sites it is mandatory that they should have real legit details about the owners or owner since they involve peoples money. When you find out the details are hidden it is always important to keep away.

Nowpropel. com is also a new site. Rule number one before anything else is never ever trust a new site, wait till it is time tested so that you don’t become someone`s example and lesson. Give it time, many new sites I have done reviews on I did a follow up and found out that about 40% of them get deleted and run away with peoples money.

Best way to make money online

Using the very same criteria I have done a review on this certain site which is the best site I know that can hep you make money online. It is free to create an account and check it out and try it out. It has been in existence for over 10 years now and has helped thousands make money online making 4 figure passive income every month.

I use it too and trust me once you see it you wont even doubt it, what you have to do is so clear and straight forward and helpful actually. You make money by helping others and that is the secret to making money anywhere in the world, make yourself useful. To check it out click the image below.


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Conclusion on what is Nowpropel. com

Now if you want to make investments at the site that is mighty fine but just make sure you invest only the amount you can risk losing. Do you have any questions on what is Nowpropel. com? Please feel free to leave a message or a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Good Luck


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