What is venturemain.com : Is venturemain an honest investment site

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What Is Venturemain.com? Venturemain reviewed


What is venturemain.com all about? Can it be trusted? Is venturemain.com a scam, legit, fake, honest, real, genuine, good or bad, trustworthy or fraudulent site? All these question will be answered in this venturemain.com review. The purpose of this review is to help you make your decision on whether to invest in venturemain.com or not. Scam Zeroed also provides information on the most trustworthy sites you can use to earn online and also scam free ways to earn online. I hope this review will be an eye opener to those looking for answers to the above questions.

At the end of this review one should be able to make proper investment decisions also using the criteria used to review scams at scamzeroed.com. This criteria has been used so many times to do reviews on HYIP sites like venturemain.com and other sites such as paid to click sites. Whenever you come across investment sites you should try using this criteria it always comes up right. So in this review we are going to be looking at what is a scam site, whether venturemain.com is a scam or not, why the site has been labeled scam or legit and which other / sites you may want to try out which are scam free and most beneficial. Lets get started on what is a scam.


What is a scam? What is venturemain.com? Is it a scam ?

What is a scam

To answer the question what is a venturemain.com whether it is a scam or not we will have to define what a scam is and use that in our review.A scam is a site is best described by the above pictorial diagram. Nigel has obviously been tricked into losing his money by Simon. A scam is a way of tricking people into giving away their money whilst they get nothing promised in return. Scammers can be characterised by lies, diahonest and hiding true identity.

Is venturemain.com a scam?

Okay this is the answer you have been looking for right? If you have been planning to make money using venturemain.com I’m sorry to disappoint. Venturemain.com is one of the newly released 2018 scams which are being created everyday. Since last year a large number of online money making ways have been created and these have been a huge collection of scams and some are even owned by the same people.

Is venturemain.com dishonest, fishy, hiding details and true identities? Yes and this review will take you through this whole scam site and prove to you that the site is a scam. If you are looking for scam free ways to earn online we advice that you keep away from hyip sites. These sites also state there is a risk in investing in any HYIP site. Hyip site simply refers to investment sites. Check out scam zeroed’s post on scam free ways to make money online by clicking here

This  site says it is based in the UK and has a company registered there. At venturemain.com investors invest their money and are promised to get returns form these investments forever. Like any other investment site, how much profit you are promised depends on how much you are willing to invest. Good thing is this site has a very low minimum investment and the bad thing is no one is really patient and willing to wait many days to get back a few dollars of profit she. They can just use the quicker and more profitable options. This is exactly the reason such earnings are put there. Now let us take a look at some reasons why you should  not trust or invest in venturemain.com.

1. Fake company details used.

Venturemain.com does mention that it is a company registered in the UK as Venture main limited. Security of people’s money is highly based on the legal existence of this company and what experience and observation has taught so far is that if a site lies about the company it is 99.999% lying about the profits.

Venture main Limited does not exist in the UK at all and the only name close to it is Venture maintenance limited. Could this venture maintenance be the company? Even if that can be true this site also does not exist anymore as it was dissolved on the first of may 2016.

Venture main also provides a company number on it’s address and this company # can actually be used to check whether the site does exist or not in the companies house where you will find details of the registered legal comapnies on England. If you search this company details it will show that the # belongs to another company called Web-earnings Ltd. Now you don’t have to worry if the company is the right one because this company was also dissolved 16 February 2018. Common sign of a scam is this use of details of companies that dissolved.

Clearly the company details are lies and just learnt to trick you into believing that this thing is legit and invest in it. If there is no company to it then don’t invest in it, it is illegal and can be deleted anytime by the creator and leave woth people’s money


2.  Unrealistic earnings 

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Does venturemain.com really plan to live forever? Well all I can say is that this site is nowhere near legit and won’t last for very long and actually it is unrealistic to promise such high yields everyday for their entire life.

Venturemain.com has a plan which accommodates people with a lot of money to invest and also those who are not really that bad. The plan ranges from 3.5% to 6.5% per day and get back your returns everyday afyer investing. This is huge and cannot be obtained. The site hasn’t been online for long and already has a long term I interest? This is only another trick for people to invest in the scam.

3. Hidden identity

If you look up the site on WhoIS you find out that there are no details of the owner of the site at all despite the fact that this is mandatory for sites which have anything to do with people’s money. There is also no information disclosed about the owner of the site on the site’s pages.

This is usually done not just for fun or by mistake but intentionally. It makes sure no one knows the scammers, the thieves cannot be charged because no one knows them. These people will try by all means to make sure they do no give their information anywhere. Hidden identity also implies that no one knows who really had their money and also given that the company details were fake this is not legit. Venturemain.com is a scam.







WHY this review may show different results from HYIP monitors

You may find out that the site may say the site is a scam whilst the hyip monitors label it legit because it has paid them. An hyip monitor being paid by the site does not really explain what is venturemain.com. Hyip monitors may be paid at times so they they can lead more sheep to the slaughter without knowing it. The hyip monitor may get paid and you won’t. If you have any questions leave behind a comment.Thanks for stopping by.


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