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Hello and welcome to my review. Here at we’ll be taking you through this review and also give you access to scam free and recommended sites to make money from. We do reviews on new online money making sites such as paid to click site’s, investment sites and others. If you are looking for answers to questions like what is , is a scam, legit, honest, Fake, genuine, bad, real, Good, trustworthy or fraudulent site then this is the right place to be. We shall help you answer these question to assist you in your decision making on whether or not to invest in the site.

You will find that the reviews here may go against what some hyip monitoring sites say about whether the site under review is a scam or legit. Some sites are labeled as legit on HYIP monitors whilst here they are labeled scams. This is because most scam sites have become aware of the fact that not paying HYIP monitors quickly exposes them, so when the monitors invest in the site they get paid but when real people invest they get scammed.

Scams also know that once they are labeled legit on the monitors they get more investors and hence more money. This isn’t just about what hyip monitors say, this is about what finally happens to real investors, real people who will not benefit anything to the investment sites after they have invested.

What is Is it a scam site?

Welcome to the best review you can find. After looking at this site we really discourage anyone who could possibly be thinking of investing in it. is a scam site and has no other intention but to get people to lose their money to themselves. There are so many reasons why this site has been labeled a scam here. We shall be looking at some of these reasons in this review.

Using the criteria which we are going to be using, which has been used so many times before to review many other like sites, we discourage people looking for ways to make money online to have anything to do with these sites. Most of these sites are illegal sites which have not been registered anywhere and ALMOST all of these sites are scams.

There are of course a few sites which have been labeled as paying on HYIP monitoring sites but you should also take note of the fact that these sites also claim that there is always a risk involved in investing in any high yielding investment program. Scamzeroed has done research and we encourage you to use only scam free ways to make money online.






Here are some reasons why this site has been labeled a scam at

1. Fake company details

Vintage ALLIANCE.ICU is said to be a company located in the UK in London 6 New Bridge street. However in th records of the companies registered in the companies house of UK there is absolutely no such company. The only company with a name that is close to it is a company with the name Vintage Alliance Lp which is also in the UK but has a different address. These 2 companies are totally not related in anyway.

The company number that is also given by the site is  does not to belong to any company with the name Vintage alliance. It belongs to the company named Ardevora Asset management. If you need this information you may simply look it up on the website of the companies house uk. So this site is using fake details from companies which it does not belong to.

I don’t know how then this site can be legit because as far as we know it has been deceptive in every way and experience does tell is that these fishy sites always prove to be scams. They are not just scams but illegal too and I dont think you want to put your investment at such a risky site. This Site can just dissappear anytime, just like the many previous sites we have reviewed.


2. The payment plans are unrealistic

When you come across a site that promises you profits that are being promised by Vintage Alliance then you have got to know straight away that it is a scam and you in for a loss. Making money online is a possibility especially of its done the right way, but getting over 50% of what you invested after 1 hour for 5 hours is very much unreal.

This site promises to pay investors using 6 investment plans. The least paying plan pays 38% of what you invest per hour for 5 hours. That should be 190% of what you invest at the end of the 5 hours. The most paying is 186% per hour for 5 hours and that is 930% of initial investment after 5 hours🤔. I’m sure no one believes that is possible.

So a clever guy like me and you can get over 5000% of what we would have invested at the end of the day. I haven’t see such figures in real life, not even in mathematics. The least paying plan is enough to make you a millionare in your first month of investment , from nothing. So this is pretty clear and I dont think it even needs so much explanation .


3. No real personalities

Maybe you hadn’t really noticed that the site does not have any real people in it. It is just a site with no people’s identities. When you send you money you just know you are sending your money and the site has it and when you have been scammed you will realise that there ks no one to sue at all.

Scammers are always careful not to expose themselves or their identity. You will realise that even when the sire was registered no details.of the owner were left behind. When you come across such things you should really be careful and try by all means to keep away from such. It is mandatory that investment site should be open about who runs and owns them, just in case. You can’t entrust your hard earned cash to someone you don’t even know. Below is a link that gives you access to a site that had been reviewed and is out #1 recommended way of making money online.




Other things to consider

I think we have come to our review. This Site is a scam and will not live for long. You should also consider the age of the site when you are planning on making an investment online. Young sites should not be an option, go for time tested sites that have a good online reputation and are at least 6 months old or a year old. If you have any questions Please leave a comment in the section below.

Good luck

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