What is safeincome.pw : Is safeincome.pw a scam or legit site?

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What is safeincome.pw? A review of safeincome.pw

By the end of this review one should be well informed about safeincome.pw and in a position to make the correct decision on whether they should invest in the site or not. Have you been stuck trying to figure out what is safeincome.pw, whether safeincome.pw is a scam, legit, fake, genuine, real, good, bad, honest, trustworthy or fraudulent site? Scamzeroed.com’s main agenda is to help you avoid and detect scams and find legit sites to make money online. I hope this review will be an eye opener for all those who are just about to get involved with this site.

Hello and welcome to my review of safeincome ltd. There is always need to review sites especially if they are High yielding investment programs before getting involved with them. There is always a risk involved in all Hyip or investment sites so this site does not promote any Hyip sites as they can at times turn scam down the road. This review will also be an eye opener of some reviewed scam free ways of making money online. If you have any sites you may want to have them reviewed at scamzeroed.com please leave a comment in the comments section.

What is safeincome.pw? Is safe income a scam

If you were planning in investing your hard earned money in safeincome.pw I strongly advice you in this review of What is safeincome.pw that this site is a scam and you should not invest in it. The site already has quite a bad online reputation despite it being a new site and also despite the fact that it looks legit. Also note that there was also a similar scam with the same name a few years back which scammed quite a lot of people.

Many HYIP monitoring sites have already labeled this site a scam and has a very low trust percentage as it hasn’t been paying it’s investors back their money. If you want to know of scam free ways to earn online, click on the link below and it will give you access to an article on scam free ways to earn online




Below are a couple of reasons on why you shouldn’t trust safeincome.pw and why the site has a low trust rating. This criteria has been used to review many Hyip sites and always works well. When in doubt of whether a site is a scam or legit you can try applying the and see how it works out.


Why you shouldn’t trust safeincome.pw


1. Company either doesn’t exist or it was dissolved.

To ensure security of your investments you should first make sure that the site belongs to a company, the company does exist and that the company and the site are really related. How and where you obtain this information may vary with the country in which the company is said to be registered. Also make sure that the company is registered.

So Safe income a UK based company is said to be the company for safeincome.pw. The certificate of incorporation displayed on the site is quite fishy looking and nothing can really be seen on it so I looked up the company in the companies house of UK where all registered companies in the UK are registered.

The only company with a name close to Safe Income limited is Income safe limited and this company actually no longer exists it was dissolved on the 18th of September 2018. Besides that there is no other company, so it is either this site is claiming to be part of a dissolved company or it is claiming to be part of a company which doesn’t exist or which isn’t legal.

Of course nothing legit can really come out of an illegal company and if there is no company at all then you sgould not even think of investing in the site. Sites which lie about comp any details always prove to be scams.


2.Hidden identity

If a site is legit and things being done there are legal there is no reason why the site owners or creators should try by all means to keep themselves unknown. Now we find out that there is a lot of hiding of identity at safeincome.pw.

No real personalities have been brought out to the open and one thing I know about scam sites is that they will never want to show their true identities. Why ? Because it puts them of risk once they have been charged with fraud.

All website’s details that they enter when they register a site can be found at whois. These details include, date of creation of site, host for site, date of expiration, name of owner. Now it is mandatory that when a site has anything to do with people’s money the name of the creater or owner of site should be given.

If no name is given for a blog then that is fine, but for an investment site it is unacceptable. Safeincome.pw has left no useful information about the site owner at all. So when the site has proved to be scam no one really has anyone they can point at because it is just a site and when you have to report a case who exactly are you Going to report? The site?

3.Site is too new 

When making an investment decision one should always observe this one rule, never invest in a new site. New sites always prove to be scams.

You should also know that as from 2017 there has been a sharp rise in the number of online investment sites and ALMOST all of them have proved to be nothing but scams.

If you give these new sites time, they will eventually probe what they are exactly, time brings out to the open all things. Let them and grow and only invest in a site that is time tested. Click the image below and get access to a time tested and scam free way of earning 4 figure monthly passive income.


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There is absolutely no reason why safeincome.pw shoukd be trusted. This site has qualified to be scam in every way. Fake company details, hidden identities and even bad publicity. You should also know that there was a site by the same name a few years ago and it was just a scam as this one. As for what is safeincome.pw, it is a scam and will very soon be gone. Please leave a comment and thank you for stopping by.

Good luck


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