What is usdempire.com : How trustworthy is usdempire?

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Introduction to what is usdempire.com


What are your questions concerning this site? Have you been thinking of investing in this site and just wasn’t sure if this site was going to pay you back your investment? What is usdempire.com? Is it trustworthy? Is it fraudulent? Are there any reports of scams? Does it pay It’s investors? Is it legit or is it a scam? Is it true or one liar? These are some questions which i shall be answering in this article using the available information.

Usdempire.com is a new site (as at date) started on the 30th of September 2018. Whether this site is a company or just something some individual started is still not yet clear. So I am going to be looking at the credibility of this site, considering it’s payment , what it states, proof of it’s existence and other things that may allow us to decide whether it is a scam or not or whether it is safe to invest in such a site.

What is usdempire.com? How trustworthy is it

It’ is important not only to look at one aspect of the site to pass judgement on whether the site is credible or not. The judgement on how trustworthy this site is will determine our answer to the question what is usdempire.com, whether it is a scam or legit.

Trust percentage


Why a 55%?

Age of the site

As I have already mentioned this site was created at the end of the month of September in 2018 (post created early October). It is never a good idea to have a 100% trust on a new site. Such sites have been increasing on the world wide web lately and truth is many of these, 90 – 95% are scams. So if you are going to be investing your money in this site you may need to consider the amount you can risk losing. Don’t put too much, this site has a minimum deposit allowed of $1. That is a great thing as most may require you to pay a minimum of hundreds or even $1000 when there is a high possibility that tomorrow when you try to access the site you will only find an error message.

Status of the site’s owner

This site is quite confusing when it comes to who exactly is the owner of this site? Does the site belong to an individual or does it belong to a firm. The website’s about page does mention something about the site being a firm. If this is true what is the name of the firm. Is the name Usdempire or the companies name just has been excluded from the home page by mistake.

If site belongs to a company:

This would make it more trustworthy as companies often have enough funds to sustain their business if they are running on la loss. However we do have a problem with this site, there seems to be no evidence of it’s certificate of incorporation.. Not that it is that important to me, I wasn’t looking for it when it was mentioned that it exists and there was a link to this wonderful site which helps you look up the certificate of companies and prove its existence.  I did a search and entered the name of the site and oops such  a company as usdempire doesn’t exist. This could be maybe because usdempire isn’t the name of the firm so it would be better if the site stated which company exactly is it telling us to confirm if the site belongs to them

If a person owns the site

We may have to face difficulties in receiving payments of course because this person is definitely looking for money too. A look up on the site using WHOIS has proved that the details of the admin of this site are no where to be seen. In other words we don’t know who registered this site, we don’t know who we are supposed to hold accountable for the money invested. This could however be possibly done to prevent spam on the site .

Has anyone been been paid as yet on usdempire.com

Although the site has been running for only a few days now there are reports and results that are quite a good testimony for the site. Payments have been made by the the owners of this site to its investors. These testimonies are also most probably not fake. I found this at Allhyipmonitors and that is a good sign that you can really get paid as promised by their terms. This is why I had to award the site a 55%, if they have made some payments then they may not or may be a scam.


It is very possible that a site can pay it’s first investors in order to attract more investors..Once the person or scammer is satisfied with the cash received from investors you may come back to the site to check on your investment and find out that the site is no longer accessible so there is still need to revisit my rating as I will be monitoring the site and investors 10 days from now. So near the bottom of this article you will also find my 10 days later review. ( I hope i won’t forget). So for now you may want to become a member of usdempire.com but first don’t forget to take a look at my most recommended way of earning online just below.

Are they better ways to make money online?

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My 10 days later section….


What do you think about this site? What is usdempire.com? Do you think people should invest in this company or site? Have you had any experience at usdempire.com? Please share what you think about this site and help others in the comments section below. As we zero down scams, together.

Good Luck


2 comments on “What is usdempire.com : How trustworthy is usdempire?

  1. Abdullahi Aremu

    USDempire is completely a scam. I invest with them. I could not withdraw. All my investments and earnings disappear on my dashboard. Their support is not working.

    1. Donny Post author

      Hey man

      Hyip sites are usually scams and it’s hard to find a legit one check out our recommended sites you can try out. Hopefully I still have an hyip banner there the site has been paying since 2017


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