What is nestalliance.com? : A nestalliance.come review

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Hello welcome to my review of What is nestalliance.com. Is this site a scam or genuine? Let’s find out

By the end of this article you should be able to make up your mind on whether you should invest in nestalliance.com or not. So basically I’m going to be giving you my views about this site and these views are totally depending upon my findings and research on this site. So I’m just going to enlighten those who have questions such as what is nestalliance.com, is this site trustworthy, Is It a.scam, is it a genuine way of making money online, are they better ways and genuine ways to make money online ( I’m going to say a few things about one of the best ways I found, to make money online) is it fraudulent, is it real and can it be trusted.

Okay so for those who don’t know what this site is all about, this site is an investment site. You send your money To the site and they give it back to you with interest. What interest they pay solely depends upon the investment plan you choose. So the main question here is does this site really pay or it’s just going to run away with people’s money

What is nestalliance.com? What is a scam? What is a legit.

I think it is best if we get a common understanding of what I mean by the word scam before we look further on what is nestalliance.com. A SCAM site according to various sources is a site that isn’t honest and at the same time illegal and makes money by making people believe the lies.

The most common way of identifying a scam is by taking a look at what they say are their standards and what they say about themselves and how transparent they really are. So this is what we shall be looking at, signs of scams. So lets get started and see whether one should really trust nestalliance and invest in it.

1. Who owns this site?

Before you handover your money to someone in sure you have to know the person you are dealing with first. So after taking a look at the site does anyone have a clue who the mastermind behind this site is. In order to be able to trust this site there has to be total transparency, not just on how.many days the site has been online or payments made and deposit made but also on who is responsible for the people’s money. Such details when it comes to a site that is seeking people to invest is it should NEVER be kept private.

You will be surprised how much such a site costs to create. It is cheap, very, and you want to trust a person  because he is behind the mask of a site. Okay i don’t want to go ahead of myself but this is simply a person who is presenting himself to you as a site and so in other words you send money to the person and they give it back with interest (if they do pay back at all).

A site that has anything to do with people’s money has got to have the details of the owner of the site open for everyone. This isn’t so with this site. The site when it was registered did not submit it’s owner’s details. Such secrecy is not right at all. On the site there is nothing said about the site either, so here Is what usually happens, a site is created today and disappears in some weeks or days or months with people’s money.

Okay let me explain the behaviour of most sites like nestalliance.com and where the identity of site owner comes in as an important factor

Sites like these are usually referred to as ponzi sites. What they do is they pop-up today with investment plans and convince people to invest in their “company.” As people start to invest in the site, at times the new investors’ money is used to pay the older investors. This allows the game to grow, a few people who receive their payments invite others and same way of payment is used to pay older investors. Once the scheme is becoming quite hard to sustain as the new funds cannot match the amount to be paid to the older investors, the owner of the site simply deletes the site and walks away with a lot of money.

Ponzi sites can live up to days or weeks or months at times but not all will be getting paid, a few will. It is quite rare for a ponzi scheme to last a year or more. Some sites just make people invest and don’t play any payment games and before you know It they are gone. You cannot sue these people or press charges because they don’t live a trace of who they are, it was just a website.

Which company does this site belong to and does the company exist

Nestalliance.com claims to be a company registered in the UK and good thing that have given the company number though we cannot be sure about the company name as they didn’t really give the name. So because the site just states that nestalliance.com is a company registered in the UK I took nestalliance as the name of the company and looked it up in the companies house of UK and guess what I found. There is no company registered as Nest alliance or anythi g close to that but using the company number they provided on the site i was able to track down  a company which is called NATWERX LIMITED.

Using the details of this site such as (date of incorporation and adresses) and the details given of the company i came to a conclusion that these 2 are not related in any way. So question still stands, why would the site give another companies company # as it’s own and why isn’t it registered (meaning its operating illegally) and why isn’t there any proof of it’s existence.

Other possible scam signs

This site is a new site and I always say new sites shouldn’t be trusted. You will need a time tested site which helps people make money online. You can go check out one time tested way to make money online right here

The date on top of the website seems to suggest that this is the day the website page was added even though they have a real time thing in the site which they must have added and forgotten to remove the fake date on top of the website. The date is 23 July 2016 whilst this site was actually created on 10 October 2018.😎 These are small things which say a lot. Be careful.

Okay guys thanks for coming this far and I’m sure after finding out what we found out it is only fair to pronounce this site ….

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Time for some questions and your views too

What do you think about nestalliance? Do you think this site is a scam or legit? What is nestalliance.com form your own perspective and do you think this review was fair and helpful? Please leave behind a comment to let me know and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Good luck


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