What is trustfutures.net : Can trustfutures be trusted?

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Introduction to what is trustfutures.net

When looking for ways to make money online it is important to understand the websites that you are investing your money in to avoid being scammed. What is trustfutures.net? Is it fraudulent? Is it a scam or is it legit? Does it pay? How does it work? Can trustfutures.net be trusted? Is it genuine or fake? How can I make money online using trustfutures.net? Are there any better ways and more trustworthy ways to make money online?

These are some of the questions we shall be looking at. Has anyone made money using trustfutures.net before and can you really invest your money and expect to get back anything from this site? I hope I will be able to give you enough and adequate information for you to be able to make a wise investment and business decision.

About trustfutures.net. What is trustfutures.net

Trustfutures is a “company” that you “invest” your money for up to 45 days and get back returns depending on the amount of money you invest. The more money you invest is the more interest you get on your deposit. At least this is what they say they do? But what is trustfutures.net really? How much can this site be trusted with your money?

2018 Has seen a sharp increase in the number of “make money online” websites with new websites being created everyday, not just one but a lot of them every day. 95% of these if not more than that have proved to be scams that only exist to either use people to generate money for themselves or to steal people’s money. This is why you have to be very careful, there are thousands of scam sites out there, and thousands more are being created.

How trust worthy is trustfutures.net


Why 15%

We do not have any reason to believe this site is legit and we have quite a number of hideous characteristics that it possesses that make it look a lot more like the 95% scams out there. Let’s take a look at some of the major characteristics that this site possesses which are possessed by almost all scams.

How long has this site been in existence?

This site was created on the 2nd of October 2018. Does it look too new to you? Does it look old enough for you to trust and invest in it? Can you trust a new site to invest hundreds or thousands in it?

This is one thing that should always be considered when thinking of investing in such schemes. Almost all scams don’t survive for long because once people are aware there is no reason of staying in existence as they are scared of getting caught. Some sites prove to be scams a few days down the line, some the first day of operation, some after a few weeks, some months but its very rare to find an old investment scam still existing after years. All they can do is quit after getting enough income or they can start over using a new website.

Currently the only record i have of online scams are all of them areĀ under 200days with only 3 being in the hundreds and 80% of them being a few days or weeks old and a few months. Scams can exist for even a year and still be in existence and having investors. Some may start to show signs of a scam after months of operating well. This allows them to gain the trust of people so people invest more. When new investors are no longer raising enough to pay the older investors the scheme is forced to close down and disappears with people’s investments.

So its never a good idea to invest in a new site. Look for something that has lasted the test of time because 98% of these new sites prove to be scams along the way. If you do want to invest in trustfutures.com its advisable that you invest only the amount that you can risk losing. With a minimum deposit of 25$ you can invest as little as that and not make much lose.

Whose site

I looked up the details of this site on WHO IS. This plartform allows you to get details of many sites, when they were started, who are the admins, its hosts and that is only available given that the admin provides this information and this information can at times be false. For instance one can register a website in the name of someone else or someone who doesn’t exist or even a pen name.

The name of the admin of this site has been given as Domain admin. This has been done intentionally, otherwise if the admin wanted to give away his real name he would have but he didn’t and gave a pen name because he chose to. And people are supposed to entrust up to thousands of dollars to a person they cannot see in real person, a person who can’t give away even his or her first name. If you are going to lend a person money you are going to have to know where he stays, what he does, his name, and even that alone is not enough to send a person up to $3 000 US dollars.

Any other existence

This site also comes with the approach of a company. What company is this, all we are told by the admin is it is in the UK. Almost every “make money online” site is saying it is in the UK. There is no place at all where we have a record of a company called Trustfutures in the UK except on the about page of this site. This company most likely doesn’t exist. There is no proof of such a company’s existence. No license, no certification of incorporation, nothing, not even a fake one.

This site doesn’t have even have a Twitter account or Facebook page or anything like that. What for If you are going to be scamming people their money it will only lead to a bad reputation and awareness of the scam hence it won’t succeed that much. Such accounts may also put scammers at the risk of getting caught and getting arrested so I have realised scams don’t usually have such social accounts. You only find their existence on their site, no news about them or any other thing on Google. Can you invest your money here???

Payment proof

As at date of review there is no proof of payment ever being made to any investor. I believe genuine make money online sites should have an unrestricted platform for people to post their experiences, problems and success. Having such a platform may lead to a short life span and very little success to a scam as this only means they expose themselves.Below I will leave a 10 days later section to see if any proof of payment has emerged.

My 10 days later payment proof review


Are there any other ways to make money online within no scam risk?

Yes, there are quite a lot of them. There are genuine PTC sites where you get paid to click adverts ( I think this is lame, exhausting, you get paid very little (around 1 cent or less per click) for so much, it is actually the least paying job that you can do on the internet.)

I personally recommend being an affiliate marketer. This can be a great way to earn thousands , passive income, every month when using the proper platform. The best platform to do this is Wealthy Affiliate. To learn how to make money online as an affiliate marketer using Wealthy Affiliate create a free account.


What do you think about trustfutures? Do you think this is a scam or something legit? What percentage do you think can give as a trust percentage? What is trustfutures.net from your own perspective? Do you think you can trust it enough to invest in it? Was this helpful? Please do leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Good luck

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