What is Christmasbux.com : Scam or legit?

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Introduction to what is Christmasbux. Com



Have you come across Christmasbux. com before? Is Christmasbux. Com legit or a scam? How does Christmasbux work? What is Christmasbux. Com? Does it pay? Can it be trusted? How many people have been paid by christmasbux. Com? These are some of the questions i shall be looking in this review.

Christmasbux. Com is a PTC site. PTC means Paid to click so basically you get paid for clicking. Clicking what? Once a member of the site you will be given access to a number of ads that you will click for earnings. Each click will earn you around 0.01 c a click or less on an ordinary PTC site. Not much but may be satisfactory enough for someone who has nothing to do otherwise there are better ways I know of making money online.

What is Christmasbux. Com? The history of Christmasbux

When looking at what is Christmasbux. Com whether it is a scam or not we may want to look at the history of this site. Christmasbux. com does have quite a history from around 2015 there about and back then it was operating as a PTC site too. It looks as if this site went off for quite some time and has come back. The only question is whether this site Christmasbus. Com is the same Christmasbux. Com that was in existence 2/3 years back.

How trustworthy is Christmasbux?


Why 75%

There are quite a number of positive and negative things that influence the trust percentage of a site. Taking these into account, it is more appropriate to give Christmasbux a 75% considering whether it is a scam or legit. The probability of making real money on christmasbux. Com is 75% ( you can trust this site).

Previous records

Like I already mentioned Christmasbux has been in existence before and disappeared only to reappear in October 2018. Christmasbux was quite a good and popular PTC site. Too good that when it went out of business people were asking questions on where to find a PTC site as good as Christmasbux.

If this is still the very same site with the same owner and same way of doing things then it would be 100% trustworthy. But there are still questions on whether this site is as good as before and if it is the same site. Chances may be that this site is a new site entering market with the name of a site which ceased to exist but left a good name and reputation. With such a good name it may be very easy to manipulate people to become members and only realise that it is a scam after spending hours clicking ads and not receiving a cent.

How long has this site been existence

Despite the fact that this site was once in existence it is also important to note that this site is considered new because it was created in October 2018. If this site is the same site it may be hard to understand why it had to close down and was created again 3 years later as a new site .

Whatever the case may be, new sites should not be trusted. Trusting a new site may make you click ads and never get paid at the end. It is always important to first wait and see how it performs for a reasonable period of time. There are many other things a person can do online to try to make money like building an online business whilst observing results and feedback from people who have used the site before. You should also ask yourself if it is even worth all that effort. You might only understand this after clicking thousands of ads for no payment at all. Learn to learn from other people’s mistakes so that you don’t become someone’s lesson.

Proof of payment

As at date there is proof of payment that is available from the site. I don’t think I need to emphasize on the importance of proof of payment when dealing with online sites. I’m sure you don’t want to be clicking thousands of ads at a site where you are not sure whether you can trust them to pay you for it. With the previous history and current proof of payment i think it is worth a try. Some proof says some earn as much as 15$ whilst some earn as little as 11c. It all goes down to how much time you are willing to spend clicking the ads.


The payments made by this site do show some sort of honesty in them. You have to know that you earn $0.0005 per click and the minimum withdrawal is $0.10. I’m not sure how the people who get as much as $14 do it but I’m very sure that I can’t. Try your luck to get the 10c first and if you don’t get your payment you won’t complain that much because after all its just 10c you were expecting.

Some sites will say they pay you 10c per click which is quite confusing. That is simply to attract more ads viewers and they give you a minimum cash out of 40$ and you will only realise you have been scammed after watching 400 ads. An ordinary advert by a site earns the owner of the site less than 5c per click from the advertiser. So if the payment from the site to the clicker is more than the payment from the advertiser to the site then there is something quite fishy, these sites are there for profit and not charity work you might be dealing with a scam.

Should I join Christmasbus

The fact is that of all online paying jobs clicking ads is the least paying of them all. I’m sure you can see the payments are very low and what you are recquired to do is quite a load of work. If you are satisfied with the payments I suggest that you join the site. Nothing against it that point to it being a scam , it’s got good reputations, some payment proof though the proof is only from the site and not from its members. I got 75% trust on this site and its very rare to find a site with a trust score as high as that. However if you create your own site with proper ways of getting traffic and people clicking ads without you telling them to, you will benefit from much much more money than being a PTC member. You will benefit from passive income every month with very little work once your site is established you can sit around and wait for payments. This is not so hard to do just click on the link below and you will have all the required on job training to have your site up and running.


Above all else I recommend that you start your own online business that incorporates ads clicking (without asking for people to click on your ads) and making real online sells. This can earn you more money than you ever imagined.  I mean thousands of dollars (passive income) for the rest of your life. I just believe in entrepreneurship. If you don’t start something of your own you may spend the rest of your life working for someone who started something ( e.g clicking ads). You can try building an online business and clicking ads at the same time.



What do you think about Christmasbux? Do you think it is a scam or something legit? Do you have any questions on what is Christmasbux. Com or any site you would want me to look into for You? Please just leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Good luck


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