What is Trieragroup.club : Is trieragroup.site trustworthy

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Truth about what is trieragroup.club – Is Trieragroup.club.site trustworthy?

Trieragroup.club may not be as it trustworthy as it may seem. In this review we are going to be looking at the how trustworthy this site is and we will be answering questions like what is trieragroup.club, is trieragroup.club a scam, legit, honest, real, genuine, good, fraudulent, bad or trustworthy investment site. I hope this review will be an eye opener and help those who are struggling to make a decision on whether or not to trust trieragroup.club. Make sure you read the whole article to get a full understanding and this site will also help you discover other legit ways to make money online.

Trieragroup.club is an investment site that is said to be belonging to Triera Group limited. The site pays off it’s investors according to the different investment plans that they choose. The different plans yield different profits at different times per hour. Can this site really be trusted to invest money in it without being scammed? The answers to this question will be found of course after reading a small portion of the review.

What is a scam? What is trieragroup.club and  is trieragroup.club a scam?

Trieragroup.club does not seem to have any online reputation as at date and usually when a site has no reputation online it is because it is still new and this site is also a new investment site. Should this new site be trusted and is it a scam or a legit investment site?

Using the comon definition of a scam I have figured out that Triera Group does not by any chance qualify to be a legit site. Below are a couple of reasons why this site has been labeled as a scam and why i encourage you not to invest in the site

First of all the company details do not add up, the profits are totally unrealistic, the are no real personalities in the site and the site’s owner has tried by all means to keep his details away from the audience. The sites does not seem to be having a long term goal at all, it has been registered for only a short period.


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1. Company details do not add up

This is one common way you can get to identify scams before they get to scam anybody.  The security of one’s investment is actually based upon the existence of a real legit and existing company. Without these you cannot really be sure whether the site is a a legit site and will pay you back anything.

HYIP sites cannot be legal when there is no firm behind them. So to check the legitimacy of the site i had to look up and try to find out whether or not the company mentioned does exist. You can find out this information at the companies house wbesite given that the company is said to be registered in the UK like Triera Group.club.

So what I got from my research was quite confusing, the site gives a certificate of incorporation with the  name Triera Group ltd and a company number. I went to the actual companies house website and searched for the company using the company name Triera Group ltd and i found out that the real companies house site has a different date of registration and a different company number for it. The company is said to have had been incorporated on the 31st of July 2018 and company number was 11492440 instead of 10974501.

To identify a company you use these two details, the company name and company details. So which one was correct between the 2.  I looked up 10974501 and this company number belongs to CoinPlus Bitcoin Ltd  which is also the one which was incorporated at 21 September 2018. If this was a mistake then there would not be a certificate of incorporation woth such information, the certificate of incorporation on the site is a forged document.

This of course implies that the site is illegal, dishonest, untrustworthy and scam. It doesnt have any particular company and the investments to this site are not secure and there is no guarantee that they will be paid back and there is no way of raising money to pay investors as interest. This is merely a Ponzi scheme.


What is a ponzi scheme

A ponzi scheme is a scheme in which so called investment sites do not have any risk at all in starting the business. Those who invest may at times be paid using the money that they and other investors has paid. This thing can go on in the first days usually, of the site’s operations and it allows the scam to be identified by Hyip monitors as legit and gets to attract many investors and scam many people.


2. There are no real personalities or identities.

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Scams will never give up their real details obviously because they would get caught. So you will find out that when the site is registered, although it is mandatory that the person who creates the site or owns it should leave personal details such as name and phone number which can then be traced at whois if one needs it, the owner of trieragroup.club didn’t leave this information either.

On the site when it comes to a legit investment site we should expect to see the details of the owner and details about the owner. These things are a must if the site is going to be dealing with people’s money and valuables. So since there is no details about the owner anywhere who exactly do we suppose has the money invested? The site? Such sites disappear everyday and without notice. I at times follow up on the sites I have done reviews and which had the same characteristics and find out that they no longer exist.

3. The profits are unrealistic

Whenever people.talk of making money online people think of huge figures because some sites have portrayed that image that online money making gives you even the u realistic money. Making money online does not change the value of money, money will always be hard to get and you will have to work for it too. So here it the truth about the site, the interests that they promise people cannot be achieved by any company without getting an abnormal loss. 300% in 30 hours? In real life banks can offer you 20% in a full year and this site isnt getting the money through magic. It is not a charity thing either. As simple as they may look, the profits cannot be attained.








I’m sure we have made it clear what is trieragroup.club. THIS SITE IS AN UPCOMING SCAM. DO NOT INVEST IN THIS SITE. If you however feel you have to, please take care to invest only the amount you are prepared to lose. Help me help you by informing me of sites you would want me to look into, if you have any questions or have had some experience with this site before please leave a comment and  I’ll get back to you.

Take care

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