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Hello, thank you for joining us in this Harrison.com review 

Scamzeroed helps you investigate new and older online making sites. These include PTC sites and investment sites or high yield investment sites such as Harrisonfunds.com. In this harrisonfunds.com I’m going to be taking you through details of the site and help you make a decision on whether you should invest in this site.  Scamzeroed also looks into legit online making sites thay have been reviewed and helps you discover them.  Are you looking for answers to questions like what is Harrisonfunds.com? Is Harrisonfunds.com legit, fake, good, honest,bad, real, scam, trustworthy or fraudulent investment site? Then this review will help you and open your eyes to see beyond what is portrayed by the site.

Before we get started on whether this site is a scam or legit investment site it is important that I advice you not to try making money online using investment sites as most of these are scams. Scamzeroed will not be promoting any HYIP sites as these cannot be fully trusted and the one that are labeled legit can one day turn scam or can be legit to others and scam others. If you do however choose to invest in High investment yielding programs take care to invest only the amount you can risk losing.



What is Harrisonfunds.com and is it a scam site or a legitimate investment site.

Harrisonfunds.com is one of the many new online investment sites that are being created everyday and haven’t had interviews as yet (check date of post) . As at date the site has absolutely no online reputation and hence this harrisonfunds.com review will be done without any comments from investors and using a criteria which is commonly used for all sites that have no online reputation. Not to worry this criteria is fair and has been proven to work in all previous reviews.

Proven to be scam sites when reviewed will also bear witness that they have these characteristics which we shall be checking on this site under review : Fake company details, no company details, hidden identities, unrealistic interest or profits and also most scams are usually the new investment sites that are under 2 years of age but usually one year.

Trust rating for harrisonfunds.com

Very low trust rating


Harrisonfunds.com has a very low trust rating because it perfectly fits our definition of a scam. Is harrisonfunds dishonest, does it have hidden identities, is it unrealistic, is it too new to be trusted, does it have fake company names, does it use an unregistered company name and does it have a short term plan. Yes. This is the perfect criteria to detect a scam before it scams anyone.Now I’m going to be looking at some of the points I have listed above in a little more detail for those who feel this information is not really adequate. This site is an upcoming scam and if you want to access scamzeroed.com’s legit site recommendation for you please click on the image below


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Here are the reasons why Harrisonfunds.com has been declared a scam by scamzeroed.com


1. The company details

Company details are usually used by scam sites to make the scam look more legit and more trustworthy. Now before you can get convinced because of the company details try to see if the company details are true at all and if the company mentioned even exists. Where to find this information depends in which country the company is said to be located.

Harrisonfunds.com claims that it is owned by a company in the UK named Coin Dealer limited. When the sites are created and the information is given the site creators do not belive that you will actually try to look up this information so they can just give a company name that comes into their heads.

To find whether this is true you look up the company name or company number in the companies house website of UK where all the registered company details are recorded. This company does not even exist in the books of the registered companies. So it is either the company is an illegal company or the company thing was all a lie and there is no company behind it at all, it is just one person’s way of trying to get people to invest and your funds are not secure.

2. Unrealistic profits

I have no problem with sites that offer huge profits or anything like that, but I do have realised from experience that sometimes some sites offer you more than they can get and even more than what anyone can get. The yielding that are promised by Harrisonfunds.com are not achievable, not through binary trade, not through co mining, not now and not ever.

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One should understand that this site is not a charity thing, it is there to make money and there is no way the site can make profit she it is paying it’s investors such returns without it making an abnormal loss on every investment. This was obviously done to try to attract more investors but such rates are too unrealistic and people at the sight of such should be quick to say no and let the scam pass.

The highest paying plan is 10% of what you invest per hour for 50 hours and so that simply means a wise person like me, given that this thing was real could make 500% profit of total returns in 2 days time and 6000% profit in a month and that is more than enough to make a poor man a billionaire within a year. Making money online is a possibility but those interest rates are no where near legit.

3. Other things

You may also have had realised that the site does not have any real identities that can be confirmed. If you look up the creator of the site where they are registered the person did not leave any details. There is also no one mentioned to have had found the company, no board, nothing. So who exactly has your money? The site?

The site is also too new to be trusted. New sites have quite a bad reputation of being scams. Most scams I have come across have all been less than a year old. So I say to be safe try a site that has a good online reputation and which has been online for at least 2 years old.






Harrisonfunds.com review brings it out quite clear that the site cannot be trusted and will most likely be out of existence very soon. Time filters scam sites, always. If you have any question or would like to get in touch please leave a comment below. For more reviews just say the name of the site you want reviewed and we will help you do the review.

Good luck

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