Scam free money making online : Best scam free site to make money online review

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Hello and welcome to my review of the scam free money making online ways is mainly about reviewing online money making sites mostly Paid to Click Sites and investment sites commonly known as High investment yielding programs where people are made to invest and get promised huge unrealistic amounts of money after a certain number of hours or days. So I came across this question, “Are there any scam free money making online ways?” Well in almost all my posts I use this phrase and tell people to go look for scam free ways to earn online.

Now that I have come across the question I just thought I should have make a post about it. Since I have been doing investigations on online jobs I think I should just have something I can point to which is a scam free way of earning online and explain a bit about it. So I got to think of what I could point people to and then it struck me. So I’m not going to be telling you of something that might just turn scam someday like some sites do. This is the best way that I could think of to make make money online without being scammed and good thing is I never thought of it but it is what I do.


Scam free money making online? Where and How to make money using scam free ways.

Okay now to start talking of scam free money making online let me just mention that this isn’t a quick way to make money online, it isn’t an easy way either. Maybe you have heard of it before and just never thought about it but the only scam free way I have ever come across online is being an online entrepreneur. Don’t let this scare you. It is simple after all, but not as easy😂.

It is simple to do, it needs a little bit more of time than most ways to make money online, it is one of the most paying ( actually the most paying ) way of making money online. You don’t really have to be thay much computer literate to do it. Anyone that can read and write and knows how to switch on a computer or even a cell phone and press enter and back can do it. Now I hope you are a little settled.



Okay I understand some people are scared of this thing of creating websites, they think you have got to have a degree in IT or something like that. I made my first website when I was 19 actually and it isn’t hard at all. Now before I explain how one can create a website let me explain from the part where you already have a website and how you start getting money from it.



How websites get you money


When you have created your own website there are 2 major ways you can monetize your website, but before you can monetize the website you have to work on it first. By work on it first I mean you have to create content on your website, posts.

These posts won’t just be about anything, you website must have a particular niche or interest that it is about. For example this site of mine is about scams, I have another one about Christian music and another one about dogs health ( which I’m still working on ).

So you start creating content on your website and as you create content about that particular thing, Google and other search engines like Bing start recognising your presence and before you know it you get indexed, meaning your posts start appearing on search results and when that happens you are already on your way to success.


Click image

Once your site is indexed, you then have to work towards something else which is more important. You start aiming to get ranked on the first pages. This isn’t hard either, I’ll tell you about it very soon. Once you have been indexed it simply means you can now get money if the site is monetized. Monetized?

Now monetisation of a website can be in different ways. The two major ways to monetize your site is through ads. You apply to have ads from google on your site (very simple process) and every click earns you money, but that is not the best way to monetize a site.

Affiliate marketting is the best way to monetize a site. This is where you promote a product from big stores like Amazon in your articles and then get a person to but and you get paid commission. You can earn 4 figure monthly passive income from it because once you have the right host to take you through the whole process from web creation to monetisation then that is all you need to be successful and of course you will need to work on content.


A host is a site where you get to build your website. There are many hosts you can choose from and I have used quite a few of the major ones. So if you want to know the best host you can use for your site then I advise you try out the Wealthy Affiliate host.


Wealthy affiliate

Well wealthy affiliate has proven to be the best hosting you can get for your site. It doesn’t just host your website for You, it gives you the best step by step training I have ever seen on how to build a successful business online. So it actually produces the most successful bloggers and affiliate marketers.

At WA you will get access to the most essential tools you need to get better rankings on search engines and there is also a 24/7 live community of thousands of successful marketers who share advices and any question you ask will be answered in real time. People share their achievements too and I have to be honest i enjoy being at Wealthy Affiliate than being on social media because every time you spend there you are constantly getting better and improving yourself in every way.

If you want to try out wealthy affiliate you can click the link below and that means I’ll be your first follower automatically and anything you need to ask you can ask me and you’ll also get access to some tips I’ll share on each level you reach and the mistakes I made which you should avoid making as well.

I made lots of mistakes and it took me almost 9 months to start getting successful. I’m sure I can get you on the ladder of success in a month or 2  or 3 if you are usually occupied with work or other stuff. Once you click the link you will find out I’ll be your only follower so just send me a message and I’ll start assisting you.







I hope this review was an eye opener of the best and scam free money making online ways people might not have considered. If you have any questions or things you would like to say please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Good luck

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