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What is swixfunds.com

Hello and welcome to this review of swixfunds.com and in this review I’m going to be showing you how you can also investigate sites and determine whether they are scams or legit. After this review one should be able to make a clear cut decision from a well informed point of view on the site on whether he or she should invest with swixfunds.com. If you have questions like what is swixfunds.com, is swixfunds.com a scam, legit, honest, real, good, bad , trustworthy, fraudulent or genuine investment site then this review will be of help and be an eye opener concerning this hyip site.


Have you been thinking about making money online recently and just came across this program. Well these sites are called high yielding investment programs and they are highly risky, always risky according to what they claim on their FAQ pages, there is always a risk involved when you invest in online investment programs and the risk is risk of losing your money. So if you are a newbie online despite the fact that this site itself is an upcoming scam which we shall prove in this review, even if it was legit it is not safe at all and if you are interested please click here to check out a review on some of our recommended and trusted scam free ways to earn online.


What is swixfunds.com? Is swixfunds.com a scam?

Okay swixfunds.com is an online investment site and as always said by these sites, they are not risk free. “There is always a risk involved in all high yielding investment programs.” Apart from that this site itself is untrustworthy and obviously and upcoming faceless scam site that is only after people’s money.

The criteria used to investigate this site is a criteria I trust and which never lets me down, it is actually better that what you may see at some hyip monitorong sites which label every site that pays them as a trustworthy site. Hyip monitoring sites are usually used by scam sites to get more referrals to scam so when hyip monitors invest you will find out that most of the times they get paid and when people see that they have been paid and invest at the site they get scammed.

Scamming an hyip monitor isn’t done because it just results in the site losing popularity and getting a bad publicity meaning people won’t invest in it. So below are a couple of reason why you should not trust this site and should not invest in it even if it ever happens that all Hyip monitors label it as paying.

1. Fake company details

Now here is one important thing you should consider when you want to invest in a site, the company details of that site. If it claims It belongs to a company check whether the company exists and whether there is any link between the claimed company and the siteĀ  because scams will give you fake details of companies and your investments security largely depends on the existence of that company.

Swixfunds.com claims it belongs to a company in the UK known as swixfunds.com limited and the company registration number is also given. So to check details of this company I use the companies house website. The website contains details of all registered companies in the UK and anyone can use it. So I checked for swixfunds.com and the company doesn’t exist for whatsoever reason it is not listed and If it was listed it would be there.

I also use the registration number given and it showed a company called style business sourcing limited. If you are wondering whether the site and the company are one the amswer is no, the company was dissolved in the 20th of May 2014 so there is no way these two can be linked. Fact is the site is just like many scams I have had to review before, using details of a company that was dissolved as it’s own to make the scam look legit. I don’t know if you think otherwise. There is no company so why did the site have to lie about having a company and using a dissolved company’s details. That is what all scams do.

2. Hidden identity

Another common thing that scams do is hide their identity. They try by all means to hide who they are so that when they finally get to scam people there really is nothing you can do, because all you know is you sent money to a website and it didn’t give it back to you or it got deleted and you don’t know who is behind that website. So you will find out that they never leave their details and when you find something like that then you know you are dealing with a scam.

On swixfunds about page and all other pages you will notice if you look closely there is no real person identified. If you check on WhoIS where you find details of any site, the details of the person who created or owns or registered the site are not given. This isn’t important for blogs you can just overlook that and just those registration details but for a site that has anything to do with people’s money it is a mandatory step, it is a must and when you find it being skipped know you have a problem right then.

So if you are going to invest in this site just know that no one knows who the owner is and no one claims it. Would you really give your money to a faceless site?

3. Unrealistic returns

The site promises you 6% of what you invest every hour, FOREVER. So that means you get more than 100% everyday , something like 150 everyday andĀ  over 1500% of what you invest in just 10 days. The forever part is 100% unrealistic and the 6% per hour too.

What kind of a business would give them that much money? Not gold mining or comining or bitcoin trade or whatever form of trade can pay investors that much. It is unrealistic and unreal.

4. Fake contact details

Lastly, if you want to invest in this site at least try calling them or sending an email to confirm it really is 6% per hour FOREVER. You can’t. The phone number given if you call it, it will tell you that you have dialled an invalid number. Why would the site do that. It is what scams do. Swixfunds.com is a scam. Unit you are looking for scam free ways to earn online please check out wealthy affiliate on the link given below.


I’m sure you would agree with me that this site is a scam. If you have anymore question on what is swixfunds.com please leave a comment below and ill get back to you. If you also habe had any experience with this site please let us know though the comments section.

Good luck

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