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What is qmee.com

Hello and welcome to my review of qmee.com. In this review I’m going to be focusing on whether this site is a good site to use, things you might want to know before you attempt to join qmee and how it operates. So if you have questions like what is qmee.com, is qmee.com a scam, legit, honest, genuine, good, trustworthy, fraudulent or bad site to use to get money then this review will be an eye opener and help you in your decision making.


What is qmee.com? Is qmee.com a scam?

Hey if you have been wondering whether qmee.com is a scam or not then you probably would want to know that this site is no where near being a scam, it is a good site to use to make money online and can be trusted 100% all the way. If you are interested in this site that is okay but there are a few things, negative things you may want to know if you are not yet a member of qmee and I’m going to be talking of these in short.

How qmee.com works

Qmee is a site that we can call a get paid to site meaning you get paid for doing stuff. At qmee they will pay you for searching and clicking search results on Google. Once you click on the search result you will get paid a few cents, better than most paid to click sites which give you $0.001 per click. At qmee you get about 6c and so on for clicking on search results.

When you create your free account at qmee.com you have to click on a button labeled get qmee for chrome and when you do they add it to your search bar. Qmee allows you to make money using Google, Amazon and eBay. So once you do a search say on Google, a green bar with search results will appear on your right hand side and you click the results on that and check your earnings and find out that some money has been deposited in your account an d you just have to withdraw it to your PayPal account or your gift card.

Other ways to earn using qmee

Qmee also allows you to earn by completing surveys on some products you would have bought and they pay you for that. So you getting paid to do something that you would love to do, just talk about a product you once bought. You can also earn using the referral program which is only accessible to you if you have been part of qmee for quite a short time (3 months) and have had money in your account before and you are an active member.

Things you may not know about qmee.com 

1.It is area restricted.

Qmee only accepts members from certain countries a few countries and I think this is probably for a good reason which is best known by the site itself. So which countries does the site accept? If you are from the United Kingdom, Canada, United States of America and Australia then you are in but if not then you may want to consider other options because your membership won’t be accepted by any chance. You may want to check out our review on scam free sites to earn money from which accept memberships from almost all countries. If you are from the listed countries and you fail to get an account contact qmee and get your problem solved and start earning.

2. You earn little

Okay if you are looking for ways to make huge amounts of money and are planning to do that using qmee.com then you may be on the wrong site. Qmee doesn’t pay huge sums of money you just get paid a few cents which can be easily withdrawn to your PayPal account without any thresholds. It is good enough for some fun cash that you can use to buy small things.

To earn big cash you obviously will need access to online real business opportunities. Even in the real world to make real money you need to start up your own business, as long as you are employed you can never really reach certain heights. Click here to start your own business online. You can use qmee as a supplementary thing whilst working on your online business. The online business may allow you to earn as much as 4 figure passive monthly income and of course you will need to work hard of course and be patient.


Why you should trust Qmee

There are 2 major reasons on why you should trust Qmee.com and become a member. First thing is this site is time tested. Qmee isn’t one of the many new sites claiming to be make money online sites. Qmee has been around for a while. If you check it’s registration details qmee.com was created in 2005 November 2. I always say go for something that is time tested and qmee is just one of such sites you want to trust. It is also a registered company in the United States.

The second thing is that qmee doesn’t have any bad publicity. Time filters scams through publicity and being exposed and complaints and when such stuff happens the site get blocked usually by the host and can’t be accessed or the scam just decides its time to him and disappears. If there was anything fishy about qmee then we would know by now and It would be all over and the site wouldn’t still be in existence right now. It is almost 15 years now and there are no complaints about the site.

Qmee.com versus Affiliate marketting

Affiliate marketting is also another way to make money using Amazon and many other websites. It is all about making sales for such online entities and getting paid commission for the sales you make. You can make 4 figure monthly passive income unlike on qmee. The difference between qmee and affiliate marketting is that qmee is something you can do for fun whilst affiliate marketting is actually a real online business that is why it is more paying than qmee.

To learn more about affiliate marketting you may need to have a platform where you create your business whilst learning the best way to do affiliate marketting so that you get thousands and thousands of potential customers every month. The best platform you can use is best known as the home of affiliate marketers and you can get access to this platform for free. To create a free account, learn and get started as an affiliate marketer and start real business online click below.


Is qmee.com a scam? What is qmee.com?Qmee.com is obviously not the best way you can get money online but it is actually one of the best scam free ways, no sweat, no threshold, time tested and free site you can use to make a little money for yourself. As long as you are in the countries that are accepted there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t join qmee.com. I really trust this site and it is a great site. Do you think qmee could be a scam? Have you used qmee.com before? Please share your views, questions, answers, additions and subtraction on the comment section below and I’ll  be happy to hear from you and will get back to you.

Good luck

4 comments on “What is qmee.com about : Qmee.com exposed

  1. Tom

    Honestly when I found qmee I was quite excited but got dissappointed when I realised that I can’t access it from South Africa. Isn’t it had to try to make money using affiliate marketing Donny and how much exactly can I make

    1. Donny Post author

      How Tom. Affiliate marketting the wealthy affiliate way isn’t really hard but it really demands you to work and put in effort and be consistent and follow the training to the dot and it isn’t really a quick way to make money online but once you have started, say a few months down the line you will appreciate every effort you ever out. Lastly 4 figure every month is very possible


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