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What is skyyield.org

Hello and welcome to my review of skyyield.org. In this review we are going to be accessing the legitimacy of this site. It is very important to check whether a site is trustworthy and honest enough to be invested in before you can get yourself involved with it. We’re going to help you with your investment decision and if you have questions such as what is skyyield.org, is skyyield.org a scam, legit, genuine, real, honest, paying, trustworthy, good or bad investment site this review will be an eye opener and after reading it you should be able to decide on whether you really would want to get involved with the site or not.

First thing you should always know or which you may not know is that there is always a risk involved when one invests in high yielding investment program or what you can just call online investment sites like skyyield.org. If you are a newbie and didn’t know anything about such sites and haven’t been that much into online ways to make money you may want to know that such sites are not recommended for you. You want to get involved with something that is time tested and scam free. To check out our review on time tested and scamfree sites to make money onlineĀ  please click here.

What is skyyield.org and is it a scam?

Skyyield.org is an online investment site which is commonly known as a high-yielding investment program. Lately a number of such sites have been created and a whole lot of them are scams. The criteria used here to review these sites is a criteria which has been used before and always comes out to be correct and definitely will help us understand what is skyyield.org.

Despite the fact that all Hyip sites are risky to invest in there are quite a number of reasons why you should not temper or invest with skyyield.org. If you somehow few that the information given here is not really enough to keep you away then you may want to be cautious enough to invest only the amount you can risk losing. So below are a couple of reasons why I think you should not invest at skyyield.org.

1. Hidden identity

From what I know from many previous review and what you would suspect, scams will never give you their real identity or the people who are involved with the site. It is always about gaining people’s trust by using company names and claiming that they do binary trade or comining and have a group of experts from different countries who have worked at different countries. Look up all scams and you will see what I’m talking about, they never give you details about themselves, never.

If the thing was legit the people or top hierarchy of the site wouldn’t mind standing up in front and introducing the site themselves on a video or something like that, but they don’t because it is not a legit thing. Remember that more than 90% of these sites are scams and so I always ask if it was in real like and you are walking down the street and some guy asks you to lend them 50 bucks or 100bucks or a thousand would you do it when you don’t know them, where they stay, their names and they are trying by all means to make sure you dont see their faces?

Obviously not, so there is no reason for you to invest at the site at all, because the owners or the real people behindĀ  it aren’t giving out any real information about themselves. If you look up even on the registration details at whois the details of the owner are not given even though it is mandatory that sites that have anything to do with people’s money should give such information.

2. The company has just been registered

I know of you don’t get this but the company has just been registered at almost the same date of the site. The company was registered because there was need to provide proof of the existence of the company. Actually there is no real company involved, it is just a document that you get when you apply for it and pay the required amount in the UK.

Let’s say I open up a website and realise that people will need to know that the site belongs to a company I can just get one online for less than 20 pounds and that is really supposed to make you believe that the site is legit? Anyone can do that, I can do that right now, there isn’t anything serious required, just that you want a company registered even if it doesn’t exist you can register it, registering a company that isn’t there m that is what probably happened here, just like many other scam, they register companies that don’t exist, online and no proof is required to do so.

3. Site is still new

Okay here is another reason why you should hold on to your money at the moment, the site is till too new to be trusted. If you want to make an investment online go for something that is time tested and has a good reputation online. My rule #1 when investing online is never invest in a new site. Most of these always prove to be scams.

That is why you want to take a chill pill and let time do it’s thing, expose scams. If the site is a scam it won’t live for long, it will have lots and lots of complaints leading to it being blocked or the owners deleting the site. To get access to time tested online investment site you can look them up on hyip monitors but most of those labeled paying are scams when it comes to real people’s investments and also those that are really high yielding are scams and the legit ones pay you from 100 to 120% per month but that is most likely. You can also check out our #1 reviewed and recommended way to make money at WEALTHY AFFILIATE.


What do you think about this site, do you think it is a scam or a legit investment site please share your thoughts on what is skyyield.org. If you have had any experience with this site please let us know through the comments section but as for now this site is highly risky and cannot be trusted. If you choose to invest male sure you invest only the amount you can risk losing.

Good luck

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