What is sonatabit.com : Is sonatabit a genuine site?

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A sonatabit.com review : What is sonatabit.com? Is it a scam or legit site to make money online?

Hello welcome to my sonatabit.com review. After having gone through the details of this site one should be able to make a decision on whether or not you should invest in this site and I will also give my personal view about this site whether it is trustworthy or not. For those who have question like what is sonatabit.com, is sonatabit.com trustworthy, honest, real, genuine, fake, legit, fraudulent, scam, good or bad then after reading the whole article your question will be answered.

Now lets take a look at the site. Sonatabit.com is an investment site in which you invest your cash and get back your investment with profit after 45 days ( 3% per day) or 2.5% per day for 60 days or 2.3% per day for 75 days.

What is a scam

A scam is not just shown by its failure to make payments willingly but also by the lies and fake identity that the site uses to try to manipulate and convince people to invest in the site. You will find out that most scams usually use details of existing companies which don’t belong to them or details of companies which used to exist but no longer do. In order for me to be able to understand what is sanatabit.com and how trustworthy it is i had to do a check up of such details and derived a trust percentage for the site.

How trustworthy is sonatabit.com?

Trust percentage

Because this site has a high trust percentage doesn’t mean it is a legit site and just because I said this doesn’t mean it is a scam. This only means that so far so good the site has been open, hasn’t been offering unrealistic profits and has been honest. So the only way you can find out whether or not this site is a scam to you is by investing in it.

If you cannot risk a cent then I may have to recommend some other site for you which is 100% legit and has no room for scams but is a site where you make money by making sites. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT. If I were you I would try them both. Such a high trust percentage is very rare when it comes to investment sites. Now if you are willing to invest in this site let us get to know how this site got to attain such a high trust percentage.

1. Does the site have a real legal existence in the UK?

Yes, this site really is registered in the UK and is legal unlike most investment sites which claim companies they dont don’t belong to. You can look up this site on Companies House on google using the company number given or the name of the company. CLICK the link below to check out the details of the compnay


11515289 – Incorporated on 14 August 2018

The site was created on the 12th of August 2018 and the company registered on the 14th the same month so no doubt these two are related. This is quite a good sign, however such things can be done as part of the scam, the company name can be registered as part of the scam as this does not cost a lot of many either.

2. Compared to other sites the profits promised are more realistic.

If you have tried other investment sites I’m  sure you would agree with me that sonatabit.com promises profits that are more realistic than most sites which are scams. Of all the investment sites I have had to review this is one of the least paying and also one of the most realistic, given that the company  also does  exist, such profits are payable. You will find out that some sites offer you high profits which will earn you even as much as 3000% profit within a day (totally unrealistic)  these sites will mostly be having fake details too and hidden identities.

3. Have you checked out the Facebook link at the bottom of the about page?

Having had reviewed and done research on most scams I came to realise that scams don’t usually have Facebook accounts due to the risk  of being tracked down, so what they do is they give you a link on their pages to make it look genuine. When you click on the link it just  opens you Facebook account  and if you search the account manually you will find out that it doesn’t exist. Some sites will have a link written Facebook and when you click on it, it just opens another page of the site or just reloads the same page.

Sonatabit.com com does have a real Facebook account, this could be for deception purposes but its seem quite legit to me. The social account things is used to make a scam look genuine at the same time trying to avoid being tracked down so the scam just puts a fake link and when you see the fake link you are made to believe the site does have quite a huge presence and not just a site.

4. The site is still new 

As at date the site is still new. It hasn’t really been active since the day it was created and looks like the site is now quite ready for business as it has just started operating. Age is always a thing of paramount importance and since this site is still new and doesn’t have much being said about it and any real person proof of payment as yet it couldn’t obtain a 100% trust.


Like I already mentioned, if you choose to invest in this site it is wiser to invest what you can risk losing. If not you may want to try out a different way to make money online. Bad thing is it may be a little involving and time demanding and isn’t really for lazy people. Good thing is it will earn you an income every month and 4 figure is very much achievable. Click the pic below to create a free account and check it out


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Please don’t forget to leave a comment. What do you think about this site? Is sonatabit.com  a scam or legit? What is sonatabit.com? I hope you got answers to all these questions and if you habe a question just let me know and I will get back to you.

Good luck

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