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Hello guys and welcome to my review of What is Have you been looking for some ways to earn money online and came across and just wasn’t sure whether the site is a s genuine site or just another online scam? Well this review is going to help you understand more about and the reality of it, if it is a genuine investment site or not. If you have questions like what is, is a scam, legit, honest, real, fraudulent, genuine, trustworthy, good or bad investment site then this review is going to be of some use in your investment decision.

I’m pretty sure you want to get yourself mixed up with something that is really trustworthy and nothing that is fishy. Online hyip sites are sites that you cannot really trust as all of these have a risk involved. You will.find out on the FAQ that they say all high yielding investment programs have a risk involved, a risk of losing your money and almost all these hyip sites are scams, more than 90% of them, so.if you are a newbie online looking for scam free ways, check out out post on scam free ways to make money online review. Is it a scam? is an online investment site that allows you to invest money in it and then get back your returns with a profit. These high yielding investment sites offer different returns and a few of those are legit. In this review we are going to be looking at a number of things on the site that will help us determine whether the site is a scam or not. After looking at these details I concluded that the site is a scam and you may also have your own view so we just have to check this out together.

Due to the previous reviews I have done on hyip sites it is very important to keep in mind that hyip.sores are the last sites that I would recommend for people to use to try to make a living or boost their financial statuses. promises to give your returns everyday for as long as time goes on, forever. So is this really true and to know that We are going to use a criteria that we use to do most reviews which will definitely give you the right answer to all your questions and be an eye opener about the site. So below are a couple of reasons why I wouldn’t want to invest at despite the very attracting benefits.

1. The company’s existence

Okay the thing is I have big doubts about this company’s existence, not just because I’m a suspicious person but because the site gives me every reason to doubt it’s existence. claims to be a company in the UK which is registered as limited and such information or proof cannot be found anywhere with the registrar.

All companies that are registered in the UK are listed in the companies house, a website which gives you details.of companies and if you look it up you won’t find any company at all even though they claim it was started in 2011. The also provides a registration number of the company which one can use to track the company on WhoIS. If you do so you will find out that the registration number belongs to a company that got dissolved in 2014 and this site was actually created in 2018.

So if there is any truth to the fact that there really is a company I don’t know but I also don’t know why a legit site would try to g8ve you a dissolved company’s details as it’s own. My experience woth scams tells me that this is what most scams do, such sites always get complaints from investors who dont get back a cent of their investments.

2. Fake contact details

From the definition of scams I know that these are illegal sites that use fake details to steal people’s money and there is something about the site that is so Fake, everything is fake. Although the company claims that it is UK based you will actually realise that the contact number given is a Russian number. Most probably the scammer is from Russia as this is where most scams come from.

Not only that the number is Russian, that is the last thing to worry about, but if you call you will notice that the number is labeled as an invalid number. It doesn’t surprise me because I come across such stuff everyday and I wonder why a legit site would give you fake contact details when you have to ask real stuff that will boost their business and allow more investors to invest.

3. Unrealistic returns

As I already mentioned promises to pay investors 5 to 8% of their investments everyday, for as long as time exists. That is an insane claim, no one would want to keep giving people money every forever just because they invested in them at one time. All these sites that claim to pay forever as much as I have reviewed have all been scams, no one wants to run on a lose.

How can a company that is not even registered and doesn’t seem to exist anywhere, just a site that has been lying all the way, how can it be paying people forever when it doesn’t have any physical existence. This is just another lie from the site.

4. Hidden identities

No surprise that the site has tried by all means to his e the identities of the people behind it. This is what scams do, they never leave out details about them. Of you check out the website details of the site the name of the person who created or who owns the site was not given. Can you trust a person that doesn’t want you to know who they are?

Affiliate marketting

If you are interested in long term money making online you want to try out affiliate marketting. Is is a scam free way, you run your own business. Wealthy affiliate teaches you and gives you a platform to build your own income generating website. That way you don’t have to worry about getting scammed. All you do to get paid is help people with relevant information and the money comes in itself.


This review really indicates to you that is just another one of those many upcoming scams that you want to keep away from. This Site is fishy and lies about almost everything you cannot really expect to get back your investment. One day in pretty sure the site will just disappear with people’s money like they always do. Do not invest at

Good luck

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