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 A review of What is invest999dice.club 

Hello and welcome to my review of What is invest999dice.club. Have you been thinking of investing in invest999dice.club and just wasn’t sure whether to invest or not because you don’t know whether it is a scam site or legit? This review is here to help you make your decision and for all those with questions such as what is invest999dice.club , is invest999dice.club a legit, fake, real, bad, honest, scam, fraudulent, trustworthy, good or genuine online investment site. By the end of this review one should be able to detect between a scam and legit site and should also be able to make a decision whether to invest or not after being well informed and adviced concerning this site.

The review of this site is done taking into consideration what those who have invested in this site say about it and also what hyip monitoring sites say. However scamzeroed.com also uses its criteria to determine which site is scam and which one is legitimate. This criteria you can also use it to review sites which you do not really trust, it is the safest way to keep away from scams. Now let us look at whether This site can be trusted and whether it is a scam or not.


What is invest999dice.club? Is this site a scam

Invest999dice.club is an investment site which promises you returns depending on which investment plan you are using. Of course to use the more paying investment plan you have to pay more. Returns are said to be withdrawn after 1 day and all these yield a profit of more than 100%. What is invest999dice.club? Can this site pay it’s investors these promised earnings everyday? Is this site a scam?

Is invest999dice.club a scam

If you were planning to invest in this site Invest999dice.club, you may want to reconsider your decision. The site is not paying and in other words the answer to the question of what is invest999dice.club is that this site is a scam. The site hasn’t been online for very long and already has complaints from investors and has been labeled as a not paying site in Hyip monitoring sites.

If you feel that this is not sufficient information, please join me as I help you understand some facts about this site which show that it is a scam. If you are currently stuck and looking for a legit site to invest in, scamzeroed.com also does offer you knowledge on some reviewed and trustworthy sites you can use to earn online.

However this site does not promote Hyip or what you can know as online investment sites. To try by all means to avoid leading people into investing in sites that may turn scam i usually encourage online entrepreneurship which is a scam free way to earn online.

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1. The site does not have any company

Before investing in any site you should first be sure that you investment is secure. Security of your investment can only be assured by the presence of a legal entity. When an investment site does not have any company that it belongs to then you should not try to experiment invest in that site. Invest999dice.club does not have any organisation it belongs to, it is just a site commencing business when it is not even registered.

It is an illegal activity and you don’t expect anything legit from an illegal site do you? Most sites may give you fake company details and you will need to verify these details first depending in which country is the company said to be registered. You can use different sites to investigate whether the company mentioned even exists. If there is no link between the two you will find out, trust me.


2. Unrealistic profits

Investment sites are also known as High yielding investment programs or HYIP sites. Just because they are named high yielding doesn’t mean the profits are so so much higher than traditional investments. Some profits promised by sites are actually unrealistic like what we have at invest999dice.club.

More than 100% profit of what you will have had invested in one day? That cannot be attained without the site having to go through an abnormal loss. This Site is after money and  not charity work. You will need to be extra careful when it comes to sites which promise you high profits which are unrealistic, once you suspect the plan is unrealistic walk away.

3. Hidden personalities

In real life situations no one would really attempt to lend a person they don’t know money and expect to get it back with interest. This should be the same online. If a site has no real details about the owner or the person behind the whole thing then don’t invest in it. If the details are there but you have doubts or cannot really verify whether they are genuine or not, keep your money.

There is absolutely no detail about who created invest999dice.club and so who exactly do we suppose has the money of the people who invest just in case things don’t go as planned. You should also look up details about the site at whois . Whois contains registration details of the site and the details about the owner have not been given and this was done intentionally.

4.  Site is too new

Using whois you can also check the date of creation of a site. Rule for HYIP sites is that never invest in a new site. Wait till it is time tested and you should invest in a site which is at least a year old online to avoid being scammed. The site should also be having a positive online reputation unlike this site being reviewed.

If you are looking for scam free ways to earn online click here to check out my post on scam free ways to earn online.



Now concerning what is invest999dice.club no doubt the answer is clear than this site is a scam and will not live for very long. If you have any questions or additions please leave a comment on the section below. Help us help others by giving details if you have also been involved with this site. 

Good luck

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