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What is Russianbank.info

Hello and welcome to my review of Russianbank.info. In this review we are going to be accessing the legitimacy of this site and access whether it is a trustworthy site to invest in or not. This review will be of use to those with questions such as what is russianbank.info, is russianbank.info a scam, legit, fake, real, genuine, legit, trustworthy, honest, fraudulent, good or bank investment site. I hope this review will be an eye opener and help you in you investment decision on whether you should invest at russianbank.info or not.

You should also known that most hyip sites like this one are scams. Many of them are being created everyday and they are just a bunch of scams after people’s money. Of course there are a few that pay but these pay very very little returns and some are labeled as paying on hyip monitors when they are scams because they just pay the hyip monitor when it invests because they know these sites invest to see of they get paid and if they don’t they expose them and label them scam so to avoid bad publicity they just pay them and get referrals and scam them. Hyip sites are also not scam free, check out our review here, SCAM FREE WAYS TO EARN ONLINE.


What is Russianbank.info? Is it a scam?

Have you been really excited about this investment opportunity with the Russian bank and have already made plans on how you are going to invest, what you are going to invest and when you are going to invest? I’m sorry to tell you but this russianbank.info is no where near legit  and you probably want to revisit your investment decision and keep you hard earned money to yourself and avoid being scammed by this faceless site. This is what this review of What is Russianbank.info is all about. Waking people up and making them aware of these new scams.

All we know for sure is that scams hide identities, scams steal people’s money, scams give fake company details, fake contact details, scams are all about dishonest. Is russianbank.info a risky site to invest in, yes not only risky but you should not invest in this site at all. It is an investment site, one of those new investment site that are now common scams, people invest in them and get scammed and it doesn’t shock anyone and no one reports then anymore because people are used to it and there is nothing about the site you can really report.

Okay here is a question for you. If you got scammed by russianbank.info what exactly are you going to report and to who and where are you Going to make enquiries? Food for thought. You will have your answers later on in this review.


Why you should not invest in Russianbank.info

1. Faceless site, hidden identities

Did I mention earlier on that scams hide identities? Does russianbank.info hide identities? If you have had a close look at the site which you most probably didn’t think much about you will realise that the site has absolutely no identity given. No owners details are given, no management, no CEO and even the person who created the site is not known.

Back to my question, if you got scammed by russianbank.info who would you report, what exactly would you report? Nothing of use, all you have access to is a website, the website doesn’t have details of anyone and the website can be delete anytime.

Hey but there is however good news if you want to know who created the site. You can visit whois and look up the site russianbank. This whois website will give you registration details of any site you want to know about. Dates of creation, updates, hosts, the person who registered the site, where they stay and stuff like that. Bad news is if you look up this site all that information has been withheld, not given, when it is mandatory that such information should be provided when the site has anything to do with people’s money. If this russianbank.info is legit then why is there so much effort by those involved with it to hide their details. The answer is all scams do that, all scams hide their identities.

2. Does the company exist

This is the other thing you should ask yourself when you want to invest in a site. All these sites always claim companies, they all should have companies otherwise they are illegal. So you will find out that every HYIP site claims it belongs to such and such a company located in such and such a country. All you have to do to identify if the site is a legit site or not is find out about the company, see if the company is linked to the site in any way and see if the company even exists.

Now Russianbank.info claims it is a company registered in the UK and from the name itself we can tell that most probably this site has something to do with Russia, maybe a big bank in Russia and that is what may tempt a lot of people to believe it is legit. All companies registered in the UK are listed on the website companieshouse which has details of all registered companies and Russianbank.info or Russian Bank with the given address doesn’t exist anywhere in their records. So this company doesn’t exist, it is just a made up name and has no truth to it. So if the company doesn’t exist this leaves us dealing with individuals and the individuals don’t seem to be willing to share their information at all so there is no reason to trust russianbank.info.

3. Are the payments realistic

Do the payment plans seem realistic to you. I strongly advise you against such sites. Even though these plans are relatively low considering other sites I have had to review, these are also unattainable, whether bitcoin or comining or gold mining you still can’t pay anyone such returns. 20% for 36 hours is insane and over 150% returns per day isn’t normal either. Legit hyip or let me just say the ones that pay, give you returns of  101% to 130% per month not per day.

Hyip sites versus Affiliate marketting

Hyip sites are what we can refer to as  investment sites like russianbank.info and affiliate marketting is all about doing sales indirectly for companies lile amazon and getting paid. Unlike hyip sites, affiliate marketting is pretty much scam free and doesn’t require you to invest anything. It is more paying than the legit hyip sites overall although you may need to put in some work. Wealthy affiliate teaches you how to start as an affiliate marketer getting a 4 figure monthly passive income. This is #1 recommended way to make money online even though it is not a quick money scheme .


I don’t think anyone really still has a question mark on what is russianbank.info. This faceless site is just after people’s money and will very soon dissappear with their investments. Don’t invest at this site, find something more honest and legit.  If you have a question or may experience with russianbank.info please let us know in the comments section below.

Good luck

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