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What is paidbux.info Review

Hello and welcome to my review of paidbux.info. In this review we are going to be accessing the reliability and legitimacy of the site and it’s workability in overall. Have you been thinking of working at paidbux.info lately or just wasn’t sure what is paidbux.info and wanted to know whether this site can be trusted or not? This review will be an eye opener and help you answer questions like is paidbux.info legit, real, honest, paying, genuine, trustworthy, scam, good or bad get paid to do site. We hope you will find this article helpful in your decision making on whether you should work or not at paidbux.info.


What is paidbux.info? Is it a scam

If you are a person that has been into online ways to make money lately then I’m sure you would understand the term “get paid to.” Get paid to sites are sites that pay you to do stuff. What is paidbux.info? It is a get paid to do site that pays you to complete surveys, click ads and watch videos.

As to whether the paidbux.com is a scam or not It is evident that this site can in no ways be labeled a scam. The site has quite a good online reputation and no complaints from those who have worked on the site or members of the site. However for some reasons which shall be mentioned in this review you may want to reconsider your choice of working at this site because it has been labeled legit.



1. Takes long to get the minimum payment

Initially the threshold for withdrawal was $15, this was changed mid 2018 to $5 because it was almost impossible for anyone to get paid. If you check the daily statistics of the site you can tell that it takes quite some time for you to get the payment.

Good thing is that the minimum withdrawal has been set to $5 but the bad news is still that it is going to take you a lot of time to reach the $5. I have tried out working at get paid to sites and this seems to be a common problem, you can hardly find a site that can allow you to earn in a short time.

From some reports some people get their first payment after 3 months of 2 of working on the site, working hours every day on the site and getting $5 If you are persistent. Click here to check out other ways you can earn online. If paidbux.info is your way of making quick money then you may be disappointed when you finally get started.

2. Little payment for very hard work

The payment you will get is nothing compared to the time and effort spent work ing on the site. Get paid to do sites are more relying on click ads and very little surveys. So since you are most likely going to be clicking ads then you may want to know that clicking ads is the most time consuming and least paying way to earn online. You shouldn’t expect very mu from clicking ads

Each ad will get you usually $0.001 per click and so to get to reach 5 dollars you will have to click 5 000 ads or videos. Does it look like little work for you? Well you just have to try it out but as far as I know 100 ads is a lot of work. The surveys don’t pay much either even though can take you from about 30 mins to an hour. They can get you a few cents of course for example 15 cents per survey.

You may need to pay to complete surveys

Some surveys may also mean actually buying something from the website when all you want is to get money not lose money, the money you pay will be more than what you will be getting. Surveys are usually games you have to play and they tell you to reach a particular stage or level or milestone and to reach that level you may need to buy some stuff like cars, breaks, acceleration, coins etc. So it’s actually one way the sites can get you to buy their products. However not all surveys make you pay something along the way.

Restricted areas

Most surveys usually depend on your location. Surveys which do not involve any payment in completing them are usually location  restricted meaning if you are not from a particular cou try you can not complete them. If you are from the USA, England, Canada and Australia then you may be lucky as these countries have more surveys accessible to them.


Why you should trust paidbux.info

Time is the thing that can filter scams, online job sites and online investments sites once they have had a lot of complaints from users or investors of not paying will usually be closed by the hosts of the website or the owners of the website usually delete these sites. That is why it is important to consider the age of the site before making an investment in it or working at it, always go for the sites that have been online for quite some time.

Paidbux.info has been online for over 2 years now. It was created on the 6th of August in 2016. The only complaints you will find on this site are complaints from people who don’t really understand how get paid to sites work and try to withdraw their cash before they reach the minimum withdrawal amount and you can check the complaints on the site’s Facebook page.

Scams don’t usually have such pages because it quickly exposes them when those who haven’t been paid start throwing negative reviews. The paypal link on the site is legit and isn’t fraudulent. Untrustworthy sites like high yielding investment programs and paid to click sites don’t get the service of PayPal because they are usually scams. The acceptance of PayPal as a payment method is quite a good indicator of scam free sites.


Paidbux.info versus Affiliate marketting

Do you know what affiliate marketting is? When done the right way it is one of the best ways I know to make money online. It is scam free and also a way to start your own brand online. Affiliate marketting is way way better than paidbux.info. It is all about getting commissions selling for companies like Amazon online using a website.

This is a view of affiliate marketting from Amazon and you are the affiliate

It may take you a whole month of 2 or 3 to get $5 at paidbux.info whilst as an affiliate marketer you can earn passive 4 figure income every month. Wealthy Affiliate the home of Affiliate marketers  teaches you how to be a successful affiliate marketer, how to get started, how to create a website, how to get thousands of users on your website from google and how to start earning. It may be a little hard work but it is certainly worth it.

Click here to get started as an affiliate marketter



Now on what isPaidbux.info i hope you understand that this isn’t a scam, it is a legit site but you are going to struggle to get 5 bucks and most probably are going to quit before you reach a quarter of it. If you are looking for real ways to make real money online you may have to consider other options.

Good luck

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