What is Romakas.myshopify.com : Scam exposed

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What is Romakas.myshopify.com

Hello everyone and welcome to this review of Romakas.myshopify.com. In this review we are going to be assessing the legitimacy of this online store that has been selling cabinets, out door sheds and many other items. Hopefully no one has already made a purchase from this online store because they are a scam site that is after people’s money and not a good site to buy from. So if you can across the ads of the site wherever you may have come across them or of you had about them from someone don’t buy from them at all there are many reasons why not to do so. So if you have such questions like what is Romakas.myshopify.com, is it a scam, legit, honest, real, fake, trustworthy, fraudulent, good or a bad online store to buy anything from then this review might just be of some help to you.


The truth about Romakas.myshopify.com

Surprisingly the site isn’t cannot be found under the name Romakas.myshopify.com and if they are no longer in existence as at date of reading this review then they have already moved to another site or have already run away. These online stores never love for long, after thry have scammed what they can call a satisfactory number of people and have received enough money they just disappear.

Romakas myshopify is also clearly a new online store and actually too new. They are thousands or hundreds of new online stores that are advertising their items on facebook using ridiculous prices like those at Romakas myshopify. These sites are not to be trusted and before long they will be getting scam reports if they are even still in existence. Lately there have a been a bunch of many fake online stores that are also selling an advertising out door sheds for the same prices offered at Romakas myshopify.com. Below are scam signs that may help you keep away.


Scam signs

Romakas.myshopify.com is not registered under any domain name and hence is not a registered online store meaning no one even knows who owns the site and the admin gas well hidden his identity. The fake online store is also a new online store and not out new but too new to be trusted. You should never trust a new online store until thry have been time tested. The items that are being sold on the site and the prices that are being charged is just a repeat of what many scam sites have been like in the past month or 2.





Romakas.myshopify.com may have had already scammed a number of people and left or they are merely just down for the moment and buying from such an online store isn’t the best thing you could do. There are high chances of credit cards being over charged and people receiving counterfeit items. If you have been scammed or have questions on what is Romakas.myshopify.com please leave a comment below to help others.

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