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What is Emkmall.com review

Hello everyone and welcome to this review of Emkmall.com. In this review we will be looking at the legitimacy of this clothing online store site and hope to help all those who may be wondering whether the site is a scam online store. If you were planning on buying from this site you may want to think again because the site is not a trustworthy online store and there are high chances of you getting scammed. The site has many people looking them up for whatever reason most probably because they have been advertising their items on some popular sites that have many people. Anyways bottom line is if you don’t trust them don’t buy from them, below we will be answering questions such as what is Emkmall.com, is it a scam, legit, honest, real, fake, fraudulent, honest, trustworthy, good or bad online clothes store to buy from.


The truth about what is Emkmall.com

As at date of review Emkmall.com has more than 300 people asking questions whether they are legit or not and from experience that is quite a negative sign especially from a site that has only been online for such a short time, trust store would be very low and chances of getting scammed are real big most likely you will get scammed if you buy from them. Anyways how did you come across this site? Facebook or instagram ads?

Well, if it’s from ads which is most probable that the majority of people ran into it’s ads then you should know that there are thousands of such sites that have been in existence in just 2019 and new ones are created everyday with the intention of scamming people. Once you buy from  them you won’t hear from them or they may just send you a counterfeit item, send you a lying email or fake tracking code and once they have scammed enough people they will disappear and that brings us to scam signs from this site.


Scam signs

First and major reason why you cannot trust the site is simply because they are still too new, yes you should mot trust new online stores it is never a good idea and they don’t usually last long and you wont find many reviews from those who may have had experience with the site so you should go for something time tested. Another thing is that scam sites never give their phone numbers to avoid getting scammed and could this be the reason why Emkmall.com has provided a phone number that doesn’t work? Most probably  we are right but decision still stands with you. Would you buy from this new, unknown, lying store?





Have you been scammed by Emkmall.com? If you have make sure you contact your bank to set a dispute and if lucky the transaction may be cancelled and you get your money back. Beware of this online store you may get counterfeit items, your card over charged or nothing at all. If you have any more questioms regarding what is Emkmall.com please leave a comment below.

Good luck

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