What is Loganpus.com : Scam or legit?

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What is Loganpus.com

Hello guys and welcome to my review of this new online store by the name Loganpus.com. Have you been thinking on buying from the site or maybe you just came across the site and wanted to know if they are legit or not or you just heard of them and wanted to look them over. Well, one thing is certain that you dont really trust the site so you would be better off if you don’t buy from them at all. The site is an untrusted online store and if you buy from them you will most likely get scammed the way many other people have already been scammed by such sites.  The site has been advertising on facebook and most probably instagram as well and if you have such questions as what is Loganpus.com, is it a scam, legit, honest, real, trustworthy, fraudulent,

What others are saying about what is Loganpus.com

Loganpus.com as has already been mentioned above is a new online store and no doubt one that isn’t really trusted as we can tell by the number of people looking for answers to whether this site is a scam or a fake online store trying to get a way to steal people’s money. The site has been reported as an untrustworthy online store and that makes it unsafe to buy from. Also considering the large number of people that are asking questions as to whether they are legit or not, something phishy like some unrealistic ads is going on.

There have been lots of sites that have been su8ng facebook as a bait to get access to people who use the platform as they often believe that all the ads on the site are legit when actually more than 90% of these online store ads are from scammers. Nothing has been said about this site because no one has had the chance to and if it be a scam it is definitely not ripe enough to have scam reports. Anyways below are some of the reasons why you cannot trust the site.

Scam signs

Sites that have anything to do with people’s money are expected to leave their whois details on whois to avoid people losing their money and scammers never do so and the same applies with this site. The site has also not provided any contact number and this is also used as a trick to hide identity, I mean what online store doesn’t have customer call live chat services. The large number of people trying to assess the legitimacy of this site would be good enough to scare me. Are the prices that are being charged too good or be true? If yes then you may be dealing with a scam. No one has had any experience with the site before so being the first one or one of the first isn’t a good idea. Try out some legit sites that are time tested instead.




If you buy from Loganpus.com there at high chances of getting scammed. If unlucky you may have your credit card over charged and If lucky but unlucky you may get a fake and counterfeit item for the large amount of money you pay. If you have had some experience with the site please leave a comment in the comments section and help others who may have questions regarding what is Loganpus.com.

Good luck

5 comments on “What is Loganpus.com : Scam or legit?

  1. Donna Brown

    I think it is a scam I bought a kurig coffee pot.Lagan pus never sent me an email saying when it would be arriving.when I go under my acct it says order complete.I then go not my act now and ir keeps saying wrong password.I do as they say type my email in they will send me a reset number.quess.what what no email saying rhow to reset.I keep looking and nothing.folKS pleaee.be careful..I think I got scammed

    1. Melinda Banks Isom

      I think the same jus happened to me. I ordered an airfryer but no response email or shippg confirmation. I’l check w my Bank on Monday😒

  2. Nita McCord

    I purchased nearly $250 woth of merchandise and have yet to receive purchase information from them. I sent a half dozen emails with no results. I have looked up the address listed on the sight and it is registered to a mr. And mrs. David Parish. I am attempting to contact them to see if they are truly the website’s owners. I called my bank to stop payment but they said I couldn’t because I used my debit card which gives an immediate payment. Any advise on how to proceed to regain my money would be sincerely appreciated!

  3. Gary R

    I just got scanned also. Luckily it was on for $16.50.
    Contacted my bank.

    Everything about this company is phoney!! They never send you order confirmation. The email”support” address is not real. The physical address on their website is phoney. Even the phone number listed on my bank charge for the purchase is phoney. SO GET SCAMMED BY ORDERIMG FROM THIS WEBSITE…MOVE ON!!


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