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What is Purpley.io?

Hello and welcome to my review of purpley.io. In this review we are going to be accessing the legitimacy of this site and help all those who may be stuck on whether they should invest or not. Well, if you have questions such as what is Purpley.io, is Purpley.io a scam, legit, trustworthy, honest, genuine, fake fraudulent, Good or bad investment site then this review will be quite na eye opener and might just be what you need to make your final decision whether to invest or not.


What is Purpley.io? Is it a scam site?

Purpley.io is a site that is known as an HYIP or high yielding investment program. There are many hyip sites that are created on a daily basis and many that are still online, there are also many of them which disappear or are deleted on daily basis. So it is no surprise that more than 95% of these are scams and Purpley.io is one of them as we shall see in this review of what is purpley.io.

The problem with HYIP sites is that they are never trustworthy, one day they are paying and tomorrow they are not, they pay one person and scam the other, not cool. If you are looking for legit and scam free ways to make money online check out our top recommendation Wealthy Affiliate. If you are interested in HYIP sites purpley.io just isn’t the right site for you and you may want to check out the most trusted hyip site we have reviewed so far. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT OUR REVIEW.


Is the Purpley.io paying.

As at date ( check date of post) this site has been labeled by investors as paying. However it is the common norm that the sites pay their first investors ( if lucky ) but the ones that follow after those usually get scammed. Even though thebsite has been labeled as paying the returns promised are too high ( 10 t0 15% FOREVER ) for the site to continue paying every investor so the highest probability is that the site will start scamming investors in a short time and disappears.


Ponzi scheme can’t be supported for long. The plans are too unrealistic

Usually some hyip sites can pay their investors using the ponzi scheme, however the ponzi scheme can not be supported for long with the returns that are promised, they are too high. The ponzi scheme is whereby the scammer pays old investors using the funds from new investors. So of the site decides to use the ponzi scheme to get more people to invest it still won’t work out with the 10 to 15% FOREVER plan.

Forever is too huge, yes the site might pay for a month or so but won’t live long. It is definate that the site won’t pay forever. Whenever you see a site that promises returns forever then you know that it is a scam, especially if it is this high.


My say

Investing in this site is highly risky. Although the site has paid a few investors so far, there are many signs of it being a scam. The company date and the site date don’t make sense, the contact details also never go through. The site definately is up to know good.

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This site is not worth the risk. Do not invest at Purpley.io, purpley.io is a scam and up to no good. Go for something time tested and paying. If you have had any experience with this site please leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Help us help others with the question of what is Purpley.io.

Good luck

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