Scam free ways to make money online in 2019 : Reviewed and Recommemded, Good online reputation and well paying

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Scam free ways to make money online in 2019

Hello and welcome to our discovered ways to make money online. This short list of scam free ways to make money online in 2019 will be regularly getting updated, so if there are any new sites discovered there will be added here so you may want to come back and check if there are any updates, any sites included or any sites removed for scam reports. Otherwise the sites that are listed here are totally time tested and can be trusted .


Sites have been listed on the scam free ways to make money online

As you shall see, the list contains different types of sites to make money online with the top recommendation being on top and the rest have been written in a haphazard manner with no particular order. If you have further questions about the list of scam free ways to make money online in 2019 just leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Wealthy Affiliate (Create business online)

This is the most recommended way to make money online. This Site having been our first reviewed site it is all about helping people build an online income stream. I’m sure you want to know why this site has been listed as top and most recommended. Well there are many benefits one can get from Wealthy Affiliate. Having been online since 2005, Wealthy affiliate has been helping people make 4 figure passive every month without having to invest anything.

The site is referred to as the home of Affiliate Marketers and was started by Kyle and Carson, every member of Wealthy Affiliate will agree this site is the best way to make money online, having a lot of people from those who used to be Ad clickers to those who were jobless or didn’t have any source of income or who have no IT experience the site overlooks all that and helps you be a pro in what you do.

Well every successful many in life will tell you, whether you want to be a story teller, a politician, a doctor, a farmer, a poet, a musician, a drug Lord, whatever it maybe, take it online. This is the biggest marketplace with billions of searches everyday. Wealthy Affiliate is obviously 100% scam free and you get to have something you can call your own.


Derglobal limited (HYIP)

If you are interested in high yielding investment programs then this might be just what you need. Derglobal limited is our most trusted hyip site so far. The site has been online since 2017 and has been paying it’s investors ever since. it’s actually hard to believe but this site has absolutely no scam report so far.

The admins worked hard I’m sure to have the most trusted hyip site with hundreds of thousands of investors so far, if they haven’t already reached millions. The returns of the site that are usually used and have been tried by investors are the 2.1% profit for 20 days, after 20 days you get back over 140% of what you would have had invested. For the better, if you have never been involved with HYIP sites then do not try these, this is only for risk takers who know the game of investing online and how it might go. all we can say so far is, this site hasn’t proven to be a scam so far, we do not know about the future.



Serpclix (Get paid to search)

Serpclix is a site that pays you for doing some searches on Google. All you need to use this site is a computer and the latest version of Firefox. You don’t have to be worried about spending time on the site, once you have the Firefox latest version you only have to install the add on of the website onto your Firefox ( instructions will be given ). So whilst you are doing whatever you are doing, a new key word that you need to search up and click on is sent to you and you see what you have to type into Google, which website to click on and once you reach the website it will be highlighted for you so you don’t have to stress about looking for the website to click on.

The main problem about this is that it isn’t some quick money thing, so you can just use it whilst doing some other things but cannot really base on it for full time income. Per each search you will be getting 15c if from USA and 10 if from Canada, Australia and UK and from other countries you will be getting 5c per search. Well, not bad spending a few seconds doing a search online but you can’t base your income on this.

>>>Click here to check out Serpclix<<<


Cash Crate (Get paid to do)

Cash Crate is a Get Paid to do website. Well, as usual, get paid to do programs are mostly beneficial to those in the United States, Canada, UK ,Australia and other A countries or B countries. This is because you get more access to more surveys and offers and also the highest payi g of these are usually available to these countries.

Good site to make some money online, but definately the money you make won’t be that much, not a full time income stream. You can also get cash backs when  you buy products and so you get products for a way cheaper price. Not bad if you want to make a few dollars every month. The site is paying, time tested and scam free you don’t have to worry about getting scammed. You can make money by doing surveys, offers, refferals but clicking ads I highly advice you against, it is one great way to waste time and bundle. However Cashcrate is closing down. Instead Join SuperPay which has been online for years and is just as perfect.

>>>Join here<<<


Paidverts (Get paid to do)

Paidverts is also another PTC site just like  Cash Crate but this one doesn’t have any cash backs and also it is more into ads. You get paid for completing surveys, offers, clicking ads and making referrals.  Just like any other Paid to do site, location matters most. If you are located in a quite good recognised country you have access to more surveys and offers but if not you may be likely to get no surveys or offers in a number of days and ads don’t pay anything that is significant at all. Ads are one way to waste time online.




This is it for now. More will be added to the list. Most recommended way to make money online is building your own business online using Wealthy Affiliate of course, that is if you want to make a lifetime passive income that is significant. These are the scam free ways to make money online in 2019 that are worth the effort.


Good luck

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