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Hello and welcome to this review of what is In this Review we are going to be looking into this site to help all those who may be struggling in their decision making on whether they should invest or not. So if you have been struggling with the questions such as what is, is a scam, legit, honest, fraudulent, genuine, real, fake, paying, Good or bad high yielding investment program then this review might just be of some help.


Matrixfinancing Review. Is it a scam?

The criteria used in this review is some criteria you can really trust. If you are going to invest in this site that is okay but do not expect to always get paid as we shall explain in this Review. This Site is a scam and though we cannot tell whether it has already started scamming people or not yet this site cannot be trusted enough to invest in it.


Can I get Paid at

Yes, getting paid at is a possibility. Getting paid at any HYIP site is a possibility. This is because most sites use the ponzi scheme whereby old investors are paid using the money invested by old investors and so with profit being included the scheme cannot pay every member or always because the cash inflow is less than the cash outflow and there won’t be any real business going on.

Although the site may pay, if they feel they have the need to have more investors, paying as much as 250% profit in 10 days the scheme cannot survive for long and with the number of days it has been online it can turn scam any time, if not already. The site is not a legit one and may pay some investors whilst scamming some, it solely depends on your luck and time that you choose to invest. If you invest later on when the site has a lot of scam reports then you are definately in for a good scamming.

Statistics on legit payment plans promises 10 to 13% daily returns for 30 days and looking at scam statistics the sites that have promised such returns have always turned out to be scams. The highest paying sites have been an average of 5% daily for an average of 21 days. Such sites are rare and the most common ones that are paying and have been around for quite some time pay an average of 0.2% to 1.5% daily returns.

Remember there are thousands and thousands of HYIP sites online and 95% of these always prove to be scams, the legit ones are the ones that pay very little returns. 13% daily us too unrealistic and 250% after 10 days in an insane promise which cannot be obtained. maybe for a short while they can pay, but certainly not to everyone and certainly not for a long time.


Legit sites

If you are a newbie looking for scam free ways to make money online you may want to check out our top recommendation, Wealthy affiliate, totally scam free and no investments are required. If you are interested in investment sites you can also check out our Review on one of the most trusted HYIP site and time tested.



From this Review it is quite clear that just like in many other sites there are possibilities of getting paid, but these are very slim after the site has had some days online and more people have invested. Investing in this site would be quite a huge risk. If you feel you can, make sure you invest Only the amount you can risk losing and if you get paid never let that fool you. If you have had any experiemce with this site please leave a comment and help us help others.

Good luck

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