What is Pandaclix.com : Is pandaclix.com a legit PTC site?

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Investigation of Pandaclix. Com. Is pandaclix. com a trustworthy site to work at?

Hello and welcome to my review of What is Pandaclix. Com.  In this review I’m going to be helping you make a decision on whether you should put effort and work on pandaclix. Com or not. Here at scamzeroed.com we also help you discover more honourable and legit time tested ways of earning money online and helps you detect scam sites. If you are looking for answers to questions like is Pandaclix. Com a scam, real, good, honest, trustworthy , paying, genuine, bad or fraudulent paid to click site then this review will be of some great use and will be an eye opener on this issue.

Pandaclix. Com is one of the many thousands if not millions of the online making money sites that have been created since 2017 till now. Daily many of these sites are being created and this article’s review is based on many factors and not just what people say about the site or the existence of some payment proof. We look deeper into this site to try to determine it’s legitimacy so as to make sure we do not give you wrong information even if we do receive bad information. Now.let us get start on our review of Pandaclix.


What is Pandaclix. Com and how trustworthy is this site

Below we have given a trust percentage for this site based on the review and reasons which shall be given below. This Site has quite a high trust percentage but however a trust percentage can be misleading if there are changes in the site in the following years or months.

Safe PTC site


It is very rare for us to get sites with a high trust percentage nowadays, it is always scam sites being created everyday. Here we do I d out that pandaclix. Com is actually a safe PTC site to work at. Meaning you can work at pandaclix. Com and don’t have to worry about not getting your payment. Of this happens to you then we are very sorry but you seem to be the only misfortune one. If you do work at this site and things don’t go should be please let us know so that we can change the status of ths site from legit to scam. As at date we have had no complaints and this site has been labeled legit.


Pandaclix. com has been online for almost 2 years now and of course now has an online reputation, the online reputation is goo and no one is complaining about not getting paid. The details of the site are also proving to be legit and unlike scam sites this site’s owner’s details are relatively transparent and also not forgetting the time tested concept, this site has been online for quite some time now and of it was a scam it would have had been fished out of the pond already, site would have had been shut down and there would obviously be bad reports about it. So you can feel free to work at pandaclix. Com.



Now this is my personal advice when it comes to making money online, go for something that can last you as long as you live. There are such opportunities and as good as PTC sites are at giving people incentives to work you cannot really trust your life time income on a PTC site because one day they are just going to go away and if they do you are right back at Zero.

Now only that, but in my experience in reviewing online opportunities I realised that ads are the least paying way of making money online. I’m sure you also agree with me because the payment proofs from those who get paid by PTC sites are 95% of the time less than 5$ . You don’t get to make a lot of money from it. Unless you have ads direct from the advertiser and if you want to have ads direct from an advertiser and try to make money through that it can earn you more every month, forever actually, a couple of hundreds but of course you will have had worked hard when you start off. You can do that through what I usually like to call online entrepreneurship.

When I talk of online entrepreneurship I mean something thay can earn you 4 figure amounts every month but not without hard work of course. Online entrepreneurship incorporates making money through ads from google and from affiliate marketing. Now affiliate marketting is the big deal Here, this is the part which allows goin to earn 4 figure passive income and I myself do affiliate marketing and I can access it when I was looking for PTC sites that can pay you a little more, life sustaining income and not 1$ a day deals.

About affiliate marketting

Affiliate marketing is just a matter of promoting  good goods from good online stores like amazon and other affiliate marketting programmes. Over the years this has proved to be the most paying way to earn online. Below is a pictorial diagram to show you how affiliate marketing works

Most people get scared of the website part. You will need to have a website to be an online entrepreneur and this is actually the easiest part of it. All you need to have a website is a step by step on the job training on how to create a website and a platform build the website on, this can take you less than 30 mins and the only hard part of online entrepreneurship is the content part, you have to create content, articles like this one for example and this should be consistent, the content must also be targeting a certain group of people and helpful too and before you know it you have lots of people on your website and you are earning big figures.

Of course there is more to it than this little summary but what I can tell you is 3 months as on online entrepreneurship you can start getting somewhere, this isn’t a quick money scheme like most people would want, it is about BUILDING an empire and building takes time  but at the end of it you can chill as money comes into your account and you only create Content here and there. If you are working even harder you can make it in less than my estimated time frame. It depends on how hard you are working on it.

So here is my advice

I know that people are working on PTC sites because they want money, but that is just little money, so i suggest that if you are willing you can try out both ways of making money online and before you know it you won’t be clicking ads anymore. I don’t click ads anymore.





If you feel you cannot really trust Pandaclix.  Com for whatever reasons you can also try out CLIXSENSE  but this site pays lower amounts. If you have any questions concerning what is Pandaclix. Com or affiliate marketing you can just drop a comment in the comment section  and I’ll be glad to hear from you and try to help you out. Thanks for showing up, go make some money online.


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