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Welcome to my review of What is imprint.money. Scam or legit?

Hello this is Donny at scamzeroed.com and I’m going to be taking you through this review of What is imprint.money. This is quite a crucial and important thing to go through before you can make an investment in any online site. This website was created to help people avoid scams and so we do reviews on new sites and investigate them for you so that no one really has to fall into the trap of scam sites. So if you are looking for answers to questions like is imprint.money a scam, legit, honest, fake, real, genuine, trustworthy, fraudulent, good or bad  then this is the right place for you.

Imprint.money professes to be a financial institution in the Uk which gives loans to small, medium sized and large firms. So the site is an investment site which tat the end of the day should bring some income to the firm and not a loss. Now we will need to validate the information of this site of it even adds up and if it is really true what it is professing. By the end of this review the reader must be able to make a good choice on whether to invest in this site or not by the help of our findings which we shall be making known

However please take note that this site does not encourage anyone at all to engage with hyip which you may know as online investment sites like these as these are very risky and cannot be 100% trusted. Now us look into this review.



What is imprint.money. How trustworthy is this site?

Imprint.money is a new site which has absolutely no internet reputation as at date. However this does not make it any harder to investigate what is imprint.money. Internet reputation is merely proof of the fact that our investigations are correct and so the absence of such should not worry you.

We shall evaluate the legitimacy of this site using a criteria which we use on all other scam sites which we investigate even though they have no reputation  at all.

After looking into the details of this site and going to its back office trying to see if it can be trusted or if it is after people’s money we have come to the conclusion that this site is a scam. Imprint.money is a scam so do not invest in it it is an unnecessary risk. If you are interested click here to check out our post on scam free ways to make money online .


Now below we are going to be looking into a few of the reasons why you should not trust this site and how to identify scam hyip sites like this one. This so a good outside looking site but not all that glitters is gold. 





1. Company details cannot be trusted

You may be wondering why I’m saying this but trust me from experience in hyip scam sites you want to trust this. The company details are given on the site but just because there are there doesn’t mean the company really exists. A certificate of incorporation used to fool me on my first days until i realised how easy  it is to get one online.

Registering a company online is so so simple all you need is a few bucks, should be 12 pounds and the name you would want to give to your company and the address you make up from your head. Once you have that then you are good to go and you can get one.

So this site’s certificate of incorporation is quite a fresh one as at date, issued early November 2018 and from experience I have known that scams get one when they want to start their scam site so that it looks legit. The site was created on 29 October and then the certificate came when the site was already in existence. So there was no real company before the site came into existence.

2. The company’s about and the date of creation are fishy

Here is the thing. The site claims it is into giving out loans to firms, that is it’s real purpose right? But then we find out that the site was only registered when the hyip website had just been created. This just shows  that in the first place the company was registered for the sake of the site and not for its mentioned purpose.

There is nothing that shoes that this company exists anywhere at all. If it was really am existing company we would know. Too bad I’m not in England but I know that the address mentioned does not belong to that company. If you live there you can go and verify it.

3. Fake contact details

This is one thing scams also do, they give you fake contact details, just to make it look real and when you try calling you will get messages like sorry the number you have dialed is not reachable or does not exist. Both of the contact details could not be reached.

4. Unrealistic returns

Now we know that every company is after profit if it isn’t a Non-profit making firm. Even if it is one, it still would not be after making big losses. There is no way this site can make profit from issuing loans when it is giving people such returns as 500% of what you invest in 5 days because when you borrow money from financial institutions they can charge you interests of 20% or 50% per annum.

Otherwise 500% per 5 days is simply unrealistic. There is no firm that can do that and not be abnormally broke and in a great loss in a few days. Of such stuff really existed everyone would be a billionaire.




5. Hidden identities

This is a major thing done by scam sites. No one knows the person who owns this site and if you look it up at whois the information is not there. The site does not mention any real person. So if you invest in it, it is just you and a website and who has your Money no one knows. Scammers never leave their details for an obvious reason. This Site is a scam and out question of what is imprint.money is answered. If you have a question please click here. If you are looking for scam free ways to earn CLICK HERE.



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