Scam free ways to make money at home : Major three and the best one

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Introduction to 3 scam free ways to make money at home. ( If you have more legit ways you would encourage please let us know in the comments section.)

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Hello my name is Donny and I investigate online money making programs for you and help people discover legit sites and avoid scam sites. I would like to welcome you to my review of scam free ways to make money at home. In this article i just thought I should try to make people aware of the 3 types of online money making schemes that I quite some knowledge about and help people with information concerning them.

Now the first two ways that I’m going to be discussing about are not really scam free, they are some legit sites on those sides of course (and I’ll give you some sites that you can work with that are legit) but they are also some scams that await people in those areas. However the third is a scam free way but it isn’t really a quick money scheme it may take you 2/3 months according to what I have seen and my experience before you can get your first payment but the hard work and the time spent really is worth it, take it from me so it is actually my most recommended way of making money online. Now let us get started.

The 3 scam free ways to make money at home

If you haven’t been interested in making money online stuff then you probably don’t know about these 3 scam free ways to make moeny at home though you may have heard a little about them so I’m just going to give you a little information about what they are all about.

NB# :These ways to make money online are not written in any order of relevance

1. Paid to Click sites

PTC sites are sites that pay people for clicking ads. These are not really scam free though they have quite a number of them which are legit and also quite a number of them which are scams.

I don’t really recommend Paid to Click for 3 reasons. 1. Is the fact that this so the least paying way to make money online. If you are looking for some cash to buy an ice cream on the weekend, well it could work well for you but if you’re looking for a financial break through then this ain’t the thing for you, it is not any closer to it. Just to give you a hint of what I mean, most PTC sites, the legit ones I know pay as little as $0.005 and you can only withdraw that after you reach $5 and that would take you forever and clicking ads isn’t as simple and fun as you may think.

2nd thing is that there are a lot of PTC sites and so a lot of scam PTC sites. I myself have had to work on PTC sites on my first days when I was looking for ways to earn whilst at home or school online and it wasn’t really a wonderful experice, I got scammed. I was supposed to withdraw my cash after it hit 40 bucks and when I had clicked enough ads I realised that the cash couldn’t be withdrawn so they just used us to get paid.

PTC sites are so hard to tell whether they are scams or not, the only way you can tell is by time. Of course if a site has been online and has scammed a lot of people it gets viral and that is the only way you can know. There are only a few exceptions like when a site promises you unrealistic returns like 5$ per click. If you feel satisfied with these sites you can go check out CLIXSENSE and also Pandaclix. Com. These sites have been online for quite a long time and have a good online reputation from users.

2. Investment Sites ( High yielding investment programs )

Before you can even think about these sites let me just tell you a little about the rise of online scams. From the beginning of 2018 there has been a massive and huge number of online scams being created. Some are owned by the same people and some are from new scammers. The scam business is still on the rise and everyday new scam sites are created and there are tens of thousands of scams online. You will find out that 75% of these scams are HYIP sites or what you can call online investment sites.

These are the most risky because they are not just there to use you but they exist to steal money. You send them money and they promise you usually hourly profits say for example 20% profits for 10 hours, some even promise you more than a 1000% profits in total all in the name of Bitcoin mining and stuff like that using fake company names and fake company papers.

Don’t try these ones, I hear there are legit ones but I haven’t really come across any of them, all I have come across are scams. If you think there are legit sites you can check on hyip monitors, there are quite a number of these monitors but usually they can mislead you when they get paid back their investment just to trap potential investors.

3. Wealthy Affiliate ( Totally scam free)

I think I would like to refer to this as online entrepreneurship and of course this means you run your own business and so you really can’t scam yourself. Wealthy affiliate is an online program that helps people earn passive income, by offering them tools and a platform to create websites and also gives them step by step training on how to create a website, how to earn through Google ads and affiliate programsĀ  mainly offered by big online stores like Amazon where you create content which is informative to people about products from Amazon or other stores and Amazon pays a % for the sales made. This is a great way to make money from home because as far as I know it is really paying and can earn you 4 figure passive income every month and it doesn’t have to be someone who is a computer expert, just anybody that can read will do.

The only problem with this is that this isn’t really a quick money thing, web creation can take less than a day and less than 30 minutes for someone who has done it before, it is quite a simple process from what I have learned so far. The main thing you will have to go through which may take you a little more time is getting traffic ( visitors to your site) from search engines. Wealthy affiliate will teach you and take you through the process to a time where you will be getting thousands of visitors per month and right then you will have had made it in life, your break through.

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Here is my advice.

You can make use of option one and option three at the same time but don’t try #2. Option one is using paid to click sites if you think it is relevant for the time being and option three is the wealthy affiliate approach. For PTC sites try out CLIXSENSE and to get started on building your own online business at Wealthy Affiliate CLICK HERE.


These are the three scam free ways to make money at home that I know of and have come across and review. There is also network marketing which isn’tĀ  really something I would encourage if you want to do something reasonable, I once tried it out and it didn’t really make much sense to me. If you feel you have any other legit ways that are scam free you know of please let us know in the section below.


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