What is investguru.biz : Should you invest with investguru.biz?

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What is investguru.biz

Welcome to my review of investguru.biz. Have you been looking for ways to boost your financial status and came across investguru.biz? Or did someone send you a link to this site as a way to earn more money online and supplement your current earnings. In this review I’m going to be discussing the legitimacy of this site to help you on your decision making. This review will help answer those with questions like what is investguru.biz, is investguru.biz a scam, legit, honest, real, good, trustworthy, fraudulent or bad investment site. I hope this review will be an eye opener and help you understand more about this site.

Before we can get started, if you are a newbie on the online money making side you may want to know that there is always a risk involved when investing in all high yielding investment sites such as investguru. Over the past months there has been a lot of such sites circulating and more are being created on a daily basis. Since these sites cannot be trusted and are risky we do not encourage our readers to get involved with these. Recently we created a post on scam free ways to earn online. Click here to check out our review on scam free ways to earn online.

What is investguru.biz all about and is it a scam?

Investguru is one of the many new online money making ways that are known as high yield investment programs. These sites can also be referred to as online investment sites and of course how they operate may be seem quite obvious but it is not always as it seems. To be able to tell what is investguru.biz  we may need to look at a number of important things which we can also call the characteristics of a scam. If we are going to invest in a site then there must be enough information about the site to make us trust the site and also prior investors and what they say about this site.


1. How transparent is the site ( identity)

If anyone ever has to trust investguru.biz then there should be reason to do so. For there to be trust there has to be transparency and the site has got to be able to take of the masks and show us real identities and real people behind the site and not just a site.

Scams never show the man behind the site for a reason, so that they don’t get caught when they scam people and legit sites should be confident enough to show the man behind the wheel, the top hierarchy but when there seems to be effort to try to hide such details then that is a sign of a potential scam or a site that isn’t really confident about it’s operations.

Everyday sites disappear with people’s money, there is no way to trace or get back the money bcause it was just a site and no real people ever came out into the open as owners of the site.

If you look up investguru.biz on WhoIS you will find out that the details of the owner of the site are not given even though this is mandatory that sites which have anything to do with people’s money should leave such information. You can’t lend a person you don’t know money, so why lend a person you don’t know money? Just because it is online doesn’t change anything, scammers online are thieves in the real world.

2. Company

When people see sites using jargon business terms and claim big names and speak high of their operations they get deceived and start believing it is all real. This isn’t it, we need to know for sure that a site is what is claims to be. Most scams just get names of companies that have never existed or were dissolved long back or even names of reap companies which don’t belong to them.

What we need is proof and on investguru there isn’t any proof that this site really belongs to a company called investguru. As a matter of fact there are many companies which go by that name in the UK alone. Isn’t it fishy that this site is only presenting to us the investment part and isnt promoring any of it’s other services?

Why is that, because I believe this site has nothing to do with real investguru limited. If it does my bad but so far there really is nothing tangible to confirm that and no way we can know. We can’t just take the word of any site especially when it is new like this. The site was created at a wrong time, a time when many of these sites are being created and proving to be scams so no one should blame me for not trusting this site a bit.

3. Age of site

This is something I look at when I review any site that has question marks. When was this site created? 10 December 2018. Well if you are going to be safe you need a site that is really time tested because time is what filters scam sites and this site isn’t time tested.

New sites which claim to be money making ways or investment sites don’t usually stay long according to what I have seen so far. They disappear and get deleted everyday because of  scam reports. Now if you want to invest in a new site then you just have to make sure that you don’t invest more than you can risk losing.


As far as I can see there isn’t anything that can make one trust investguru.biz. If you are a person who is still new on the making money online niche then I advice you try out superpay.me this site can help you get some cash by completing surveys and clicking ads and other ways. You can also try out a scam free way to earn online at Wealthy Affiliate.

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What I think about investguru.biz

On what is investguru.biz we can not really conclude whether this site is a scam or not but it is clear that investguru cannot really be trusted. Dp you think investguru is a scam or a legit site? Have you had any experience with investguru.biz? Please leave a comment and tell us of what you think about this site.

Good luck


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