What is moneybux.info : Is moneybux legit and worth it?

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What is moneybux.info

Hello and welcome to my review of moneybux.info. In this review we are not going to only look at whether This site is legit or a scam but we are also going to look at if this is worth it. Should you spend your time working at this site or finding something else to do? There are so many sites that are legit but are 100% wastage of time. Well, if you have questions such as what is moneybux.info, is moneybux.info a scam, legit, honest, paying, real, genuine, trustworthy, fraudulent, paying, good or bad paid to do site then this review will be of great help and will answer all these questions for you.


What is moneybux.info

Moneybux.info is what can be know as a Paid to do site. At sites like these you get paid time I stuff and if you are concerned about whether it is paying, the site has absolutely nothing to gain from scamming you so yes when you reach the threshold you will get paid the money that you will have had earned. In this review of what Is Moneybux.info it is important to note that moneybux is more of a Paid to Click site than a Paid to do because it is more into clicking of ads and vids.

However there is more to the site than just getting paid, is what you are doing really worth the time. Is working at moneybux.info something that you can really call another source of income or something that should be called a wastage of time. I don’t know about you but as for clicking of ads it has never really been something that I recommend.


Why clicking ads is wastage of time

When I first started looking for ways to make money online the first online thing I had to do was click ads. I worded as an ad clicker at a site that promises quite high returns. Where you could make 50c per click and the minimum withdrawal was supposed to be 40$. I was so happy about it and when I reached somewhere around 35$ I kept clicking but the cash in my account never went up. It was a scam site and I couldn’t withdraw my money.

So I looked for legit PTC sites and found them. The cash thay they offered m, I couldn’t settle for it so ever since I have never been a fan of PTC. You spend hours clicking stuff like you are going to ‘ve doing and at the end of the day you won’t be able to add even a $ to your account. You can work the whole day and still not raise just 1 buck. This is because a click usually earns you a $0.0005 and if you get one that can earn you 0.001 then you are a very lucky man. So 0.001 itself is less that a cent.

To get a $ you need to click at least 1000 ads and too bad the ads are only refreshed at midnight on the site. So if you get a 100 ads a day it means you will have to wait for tomorrow to get other ads to click one and by the end of the month I don’t know if you will have had been able to make at least 2$ or even 1$. I don’t think anyone can be satisfied by that.


Here is How ads work

Okay let me explain to you how these people make money from you clicking the ads and the logic behind it. The people who own the ads will be paying a few cent to the person who does the advertisng. If you click on the ad the person gets some cents into his account. Usually 5 cents or 3 and when they get that money, you the third part get paid 0.0005 from that 3 or 5c and so in other words they don’t do anything except make you click yet they are the ones that make huge sums of money.

Obvious my they are supposed to make more than you because they are the mastermind behind it but 0.0005 from 3c is just too little if they could at least pay even a third to the clickers it would males some sense. Anyways I have a better way I know that you can use to make money from ads without having to click them, you just have to be the second part rather than the third party.


How to make more money using ads

If you can get this plan into action you won’t have to click anything and you wont have to tell anyone to click anything pay them. Being the second party means you go directly to the person who wants his stuff advertised (Not complicated at all) that is Google Adsense and, and you get a deal of 3 or 5 or whatever¬† cents per click. Every click that will be made will earn you money. Now the question is who will click?

First of all this isn’t a quick money scheme, but once you start earning you can’t stop, you can make hundred every month without doing anything. So the thing is using Google and getting traffic or visitors to a website that you create. Wealthy affiliate is the site that can take you through the step by step training on how to create a site, how to get traffic and how to monetize the site. You will naturally at the end of it all have thousands of visitors on your site every month and some will be clicking on high value ads that will pay you even more than a dollar per click.

You will also find out that ads are the least paying thing you can do with the site. Through promoting different products every month you can make 4 figure and even 5 figure income at times. Wealthy affiliate will in other words teach you how to build a passive income business step by step. In approximately 3 to 4 months you can start seeing the results if you are working on it and by the end of the year you can be making 4 figure every month and the figures keep growing as you work more on your website. To get started at Wealthy Affiliate  create a free account. It is a more paying way to make money online, way way better than moneybux.info



No disregards to moneybux.info. The fact that these guys are paying is very much appreciated but I feel that if you need to make real money online moneybux isn’t going to how high that financial be an through as we have already seen in this review of what is moneybux.info. It is legit but quite a wastage of time for a grown up man.

Good luck

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