What is cashtravel.info : Scam? Is it worth the time?

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What is cashtravel.info


Hello and welcome to this review of cashtravel.info. In this review we are not only going to access the legitimacy of this site but we are also going to belooking at whether spending time at this site is worth it. At the end of this review one should be able to make a clear cut decision on whether he or she wants to be part of cashtravel.info. So basically we are not only doing a scam or legit review but also time management and opportunity cost training. So if you have question such as what is cashtravel.info, is cashtravel.info a scam, legit, honest, paying, real, genuine, trustworthy, fraudulent, good or bad make money online site then this review will help you out and will be an eye opener.


What is cashtravel.info? Is it a scam?

Cabs travel is a Paid to Click site which has been in existence for 5 years now. Obviously the very fact that it has managed to be around for such a long time is enough to confirm it’s legitimacy. You do not have to worry about getting scammed by the site. With tens of thousands of users this site still does not have any scam reports and we in this review of what is cashtravel.info can confidently say that is it paying it’s users and legit.

Now the question that would be left unanswered is, is this site worth it? Should you spend time working at cashtravel.info. Can you make real sensible income at Cashtravels. Well I think it honestly depends with how much you would consider sensible and how much you are willing to earn and how long you  are willing to work for it. So before we say a lot let’s hear what some of the members or users of cashtravel have got to say about this site at Beermoneyforum.

tusziget says:

I am active on Cashtravel,because I have made a referral deal with somebody.Daily earnings on Cashtravel is about 0.01$,are lower value ads,but at least you know you are getting paid from Cashtravel,when you are asking for payment. Me neither.I was active for a very long time.It took me much time to click all the ads,which were low value ads,and it took me several weeks to reach the 0.50$ withdrawal amount.Even if the site is legit and paying,I have quit the site,because of the slow earning.

Buddy says:

I’m working on cashtravel now and the timer is vwry fast compared to other sites I’m working on. They mostly take 5 seconds to load the image for you to click. Don’t forget on the side bar, you can also click the offerwall ads

Tusziget says:

You can upgrade your membership on Cashtravel and if you have many direct referrals,you can earn more there.I am doing referral deal with somebody,who has upgraded membership on the site and is earning more and paying back part of the cash.that he receives to his direct refs.

Varda42 says:

This site is paying and it is an old site, but it is really low earning, you have to do a lot for 0,05$ . Maybe it is better situation for upgraded members.

My Say

Cashtravel is legit and honest and time tested and I know for some people it will serve them quite well because we all have different expectations and standards. The person looking for a thousand dollars every month is obviously not going to be satisfied with this site. The average amount you can make per day is 10c as an ordinary member, I don’t know how much better can you make it you upgrade your membership but usually it’s not much either, just better than the previous amount you were earning.

Okay let’s say as an upgraded member you make a $ a day. Would you be satisfied. The amount of ads you can view per day are limited and so you can’t make much money. Also considering the fact that each click can earn you $0.005 you obvious will face quite some challenges to reach the minimum payout of 50c which is quite a good thing that it is low compared to most PTC sites.


Looking for large income streams?

If you are looking for ways to make more money then you habe to be willing to work harder. And the people that spend their time on PTC sites are actually hard workers, but they never progress and never get better because they are working hard on the wrong things. If that energy and that hard work is moved to something more profitable they can earn quite huge sums of money so I’m just going to give you a little introduction of this website that I’m a member of called Wealthy affiliate.



Wealthy affiliate is sometimes referred to as the home of affiliate marketers. It was created in 2005 by Kyle and Carson and it wasn’t as big as it is now back then. It has thousands and thousands of people who are creating their online businesses through the step by step training offered at the platform. With no IT knowledge whatsoever the platform gives you hands on training on how to build a site, create content, rank on search engines, get thousands of visitors on your site every months and earn 4 figure income.

So to be more precise I know some people want to know how long it takes, great things take time, recently I was working on my new site and after the 1st month I began to get some reasonable amount of traffic and as you begin to rank higher and create more content on your site you get more visitors and more visitors on a site that you will be taught how to monetize will mean more money.

My experience aside, I worked so hard to start getting some reasonable traffic in one month, the average person can start getting traffic in 2 months and 3rd month you can start getting cash, by the 6th month of working on your site following the training you should be making at least a hundred or a couple of them and by the end of the first year you should be having late hundreds or 4 figure. Some can make it up to 4 figure in 6 months. It all depends on how hard you are working on it, it depends in whose hands it is.

Are you interested in trying out Wealthy affiliate, click the link below, create a FREE ACCOUNT and I’ll be the first person you get connected to within the community. Oh I forgot to mention that it is a community, more like Facebook but just that people are a little closer and sharing experiences and successes and tips and asking questions apart from building their websites there.


From this review of what is cashtravel.info i’m sure it is quite clear that this sire is not a scam site. It may not be the best but if you are patient and maybe if you can upgrade your membership you can make more money.

Good luck



12 comments on “What is cashtravel.info : Scam? Is it worth the time?

  1. Ahimbe

    Thank you Donny for bringing to my notice two sites that help people make money online.
    I am glad both are legit and I have made up my mind which one to follow.
    Keep up us informed in future reviews.

  2. Phil

    Hi Donny,

    With a name like cashtrave info it really does sound like a scam. This is why I am looking it up and found your review. Thank you for explaining the crux of my questions:- Is cashtravel.info scam or legit? It is appreciated. I might give them a go now assured they are legit.

    Thnaks Donny.

    1. Donny Post author

      You are welcome Phillip. This Site is a legit site at the end of it all, the only problem is the same as any other PTC site, you get paid so little for doing quite a lot of work and spending hours clicking ads. If you are a person who was looking for some life changing income you would 9bviously get frustrated.

  3. Derek Marshall

    Hi Donny,

    Can you give me more information in regards to what this “Wealthy Affiliate” Is? What is involved in it? more clicking of ads or what? Dropshipping? I am guessing by the name that some kind of affiliate marketing is involved, but how and what is the best way to approach affiliate marketing.

    I see so many “crash and burn” as far as affiliate marketing goes. What I am looking for is sustainability and not to continually look to start up a new biz online every year. Longterm, not flash in the pan.

    Your assistance and suggestion appreciated.

    (Derek WA returning comment)

    1. Donny Post author

      Hey Derek, thumbs up for you my guy

      Anyways Wealthy affiliate is a site that teaches people how to create an online income stream through creation and monetization of a website. There are quite a number of ways to monetize a website the most common being having ads on the site and the most paying being affiliate marketting. Once your site is well established and getting traffic you are unstoppable

      Thanks for stopping by

  4. joyce

    Hi Donny,
    This is a great review on cashtravel.info. Yes, I agree with you, it depends on one’s expectations on how much you will earn each day or each month. If you expectation is not that much then cashtravel.info may work for you. However, if you expect more income to be earned, then you might get frustrated with it. What is good to know is that it is a legit site and not a scam. If you are looking for a large income streams, then WA is best.
    Thank you for sharing this article!

    1. Donny Post author

      Hey Joyce
      I agree with you, when you plan on working on a site it is very important to consider how much you really intend to make and how much the site can offer you for the amount of time you work on the site.

  5. Thomas Lawrence

    Great post and thanks for sharing,

    There are a lot of scams out there and I think its important to bring them to our attention. But it is just as important if not more to let people know of the companies that are not scams. It is an opportunity for people and I think it is a very ethical thing to do, well done.

    All the best,


    1. Donny Post author

      Sure Thomas there are site a that are being created every day and scamming people and then disappear the next day. It’s a heartless world. Thanks for stopping by

      All the best


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