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Hello and welcome to another review of In this review we are going to be accessing the legitimacy of this site and try to help all thos who have questions and are also looking for legit ways to make money online. If you have questions like what is, is a scam, legit honest, trustworthy, paying, real, fraudulent, genuine, good.or bad site to invest your money is, then this review will be of much help and help you with your investment decision and also be an eye opener. Review. Is Megapay a scam?

Well, if you were looking forward to making some money with this site the  this Review is here to warn you and disappoint you as you shall find out that is a scam site that is only interested in people’s money. Just like many other scams this site will not live for long.


Summary of the reasons why this site has been labeled a scam.

Here is a little summary of what Mega Pay is. is a scam and claims to have a company which it does not and displays a certificate of incorporation which does not belong to them and which is actually blurry to deceive people. The returns that are promised by this site are also very much unrealistic, there is no business on earth, whether a traditional one or an online one can make such huge amounts of profits and also given the fact that the company does not exist there is no way the site can raise even the slightest returns they are promising.

Another thing that shows that she is site is a scam is the fact that they are also using a fake phone number thinking that no one will try it out people will just believe they are legit when they see that there is a phone number attached to the site and guess What, they are right very very few people would try calling the phone number. It is an invalid phone number. We also shall consider the age of the site, the site is till too new to be trusted, neber trust a new site. Last but not least, just like any other scam the site tries by all means to hide the details about the owner. You will never find a place where you can get to know the owner of the site because It is a scam and that is what all scams do.



So if you are looking for legit ways to make money online this site just aint what you are lookung for and most probably you wont find what you are looking for among high yielding investment programs as these sites are usually scams and only have their selfish love for money at heart and no llve for anyone else. HOWEVER, lately I came across an hyip  site that seems to be doing quite well, has been paying since 2017 and has no scam reports but as for now let me tell about my most recommended way to make money online.


Wealthy Affiliate ( Most recommended)

Wealthy affiliate is known in other words as the home of affiliate marketers. Started by Kyle and Carson in 2005 this site has been helping people who are interested to build online income streams that pay them passive incomes every month. Wealthy Affiliate is actually a 100% scam free site and has helped a lot of people to male 4 figure monthly passove income on their websites.

Even though this is not a quick money online scheme you will find out that it works quite better than hyip sites because once you have worked on your site enough for it to start generating income for you you won’t have to worry about anything, money trickes into your account whilst you sleep. If you do not have a few moments to spare from your day as you will be loaded with lots of work to do then you can buy one source of income from one that is already generating income. HOWEVER you will be charged quite a lot of money, approximately $100 000 for one website.

The step by step training at Wealthy Affiliate will make sure that by the end of at least 3 months your website has at least something to offer you and this monthly income grows during this year and the next and the next and keeps growing if you keep working on it. You don’t have to be a computer genius, You just have to be a person that has access to the internet, can follow instructions and is persistent on what they do before you know it money starts coming in and you build yourself an online property that can fairly be sold for tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can Join wealthy affiliate by creating a free account using the link below and I’ll automatically be your first friend and you will be directly my responsibility and I’ll be helping you through out on some issues and giving you tips from my experience.


Legit HYIP?

Well if you are looking for a legit hyip site th I may have something for you that you may want to check out. I don’t really believe in legit hyip sites but this hyip site has proven to e outstanding, it is time tested has been online since 2017 and there is absolutely no scam report or anything like that. If you are I interested I’ll leave you a link to my review that I did of that hyip site. If you do intend to invest just make sure you invest only the amount you can risk losing this is the basic rule of every HYIP investment site.



There are many legit ways to make money online and frankly as you have seen in this Review megapay isn’t one of those. is a scam site and nowhere near legit. The worst thing you can do with your money is invest in it. Make sure you keep with you.

Good luck

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