What is Kuowert.com : Scam or legit?

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What is Kuowert.com?

Cyber Theft

Have you also been shopping at Kuowert.com or have come across the online store? The site has been reported as an untrustworthy online store and there are quite a number of people that have been interested in whether this site is a legit online store or just another scam site. Well if you have already come acroas then we hope to hear your views as well regarding this site and also report any scam sites here so we can look into them.

In this review we are going to be looking at Kuowert.com , assessing their legitimacy and as you shall see in this review the ini I e store is a take and fraudulent site and not worthy buying from. There are quite a number of scam signs that we identified and to answer all questions duh ad what is Kuowert.com, is it a scam, legit, honest, fake, fraudulent etc we have put down some of the scam signs below.


Scam signs

Kuowert.com is one of the many sites that have started featuring lately and have been claiming to be selling disnfects. They claims to be selling Lysol products and if you see such a site on ads or claiming to be selling Clorox products it is safer to assume it is a scam because they are a bunch of these scam sites that have been featuring lately.

The site is also charging the very same price and looks exactly the same with other scam sites selling these products and an example of one such sites is Lysolu.com. These prices are too good to be true and not legit at all. The sites are owned by the same scammers.

Kuowert.com was created on the 18th of July 2020 and that makes it a new site that can’t be trusted. They also don’t gave any contact us details on the site to hide their identity.





Kuowert.com is not a legit online store. Those that but from this online store will risk making a payment and not getting the disinfects or whatever they will have bad ordered from them. So do not buy from their online store and make sure you report any scam sites that may look like them or that you suspect of scam. If you have been scammed or have more questions on what is Kuowert.com please leave a comment below.

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