9097688411 Text message scam : Unsuccessful payment. Call 9097688411

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‘Unsuccessful payment. Call 9097688411’


Hello everyone and welcome to my review of the text messages that have been circulating lately and have been received by a lot of people. These messages claim they are from AT and T and that your payment has been unsuccessful or is unauthorised and that you should call the number they give you which is this case is 9097688411. If you have also received a text message like this please share with us so we can help others who may also be receiving these.

They are fake texts and from scammers and have been sent to thousands and thousands of people over the past few months. Do not do anything they tell you to do or call the number they tell you to call as this is exactly what they want you to do. The scam exists from different phone numbers as well. Below is an explaination of the scam and how it works.


How the scam works


SUBJ:Unsuccessful payment.Call 9097688411.


Okay so these guys will send you a text message like the one that we have pasted above. They will be trying to get you to call the phone number which in some cases the number may be a premium rate number. A premium rate number is a number you call and get charged more than a usual call because some of the costs will be paid directly to the service provider which is the person who owns the number you will be calling. Some numbers may even require you to make a Payment first before you can call.



The scam texts that claim they are fromĀ  AT and T are scam texts sent by cyber criminals. Already there are a lot of these that have been sent to different people and some might even receive this more than twice. Don’t get tricked into calling the scammers and as for the phone numbers no one really knows how they got them but there are a number of places they can get these. If you have had an experience with the’Unsuccessful payment. Call 9097688411′ text messageĀ  please share your views in the comments section.

Good luck

4 comments on “9097688411 Text message scam : Unsuccessful payment. Call 9097688411

  1. Thomas KLUS

    8/1 received message “Good news we got your order” from AT&T. 8/2 text from AT&T described here “unsuccessful payment”. I know I have no orders.


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