‘Cleankish’ Customer reviews : Is Cleankish.com a scam or legit online store?

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What is ‘Cleankish.com’

‘Cleankish’ located at cleankish.com is a new online store that has been reported as a fake and fraudulent online store. Lately where have been getting plenty of scam sites reported and these have been mainly advertising on Facebook and stuff like that. Well in this cleankishcleankish.com review we are going to be assessing the legitimacyof the online store to find whether they are a fake site or a genuine online store.

As you shall see in this review here is really nothing legit about the online store. Customers always have to have a say and wih this in mind you may want to check out some customer reviews in the comments section if they arent any as yet ad the site is till too mew you might just help by being the first review we get. So if you have been thinking about whether the site is legit or not we hope you find this review useful and hope that it answers all the questions you might have such as what is cleankish.com, is it a scam, legit, honest, fake, fraudulent, good or bad online store. Make sure you share your review in the comments section and help us help others.


What others have said about the site

Not many people have had to say a lot about he site. This is because many people that have been planning on buying or have bought from the site have not had any chance to prove the site to be a scan and are still waiting for the delivery time to arrive as the site is still too new. So its gonna take some time to start gtting peoplr that have bougt from the site show they have been scammed as the site is less than a week old. If you have been scammed then heard over to the comments but we also have people that have noticed red flags in the site before and some after they have already bought from the site and below are some of these scam signs that we shall be discussing as questions answered.


1. When was this site created?

Probably one of the things that people forget to lol up when they are about to buy from an online stire that they have never heard of before. Cleankish.com was created on the 27th of July 2020 and I’m sure anyone that was just about to buy from the site and hears this would be quick to stop making a purchase.

So what does this mean? This is the reason why not so much has been said by customers, they simply sit and wait hoping its not a scam but truth be told this site is just too new to trust.


2. Who are the owners of the site

Frankly no one knows. But they obviously want us to believe they belong somewhere and to someone and hey really want us to believe they are a real Clorox company operating on a different niche. But This is all lies and if they were really a Clorox die then there would be no need to use a separate site.

3. Are here any such sites operating?

Have you noticed that the theme name of site is Lysol? Lately in the past 3 days prior to this review we have come across a number of scam sites that claim they are selling Lysol products and these include Lysolu and cleanyos and cleanliq.com. there have all been scam sites and if you come across an online stire currently that looks like this as all have just about the same look and one that claims to be selling these disinfects then be quick to suspect scam and report then here so we can help make others aware.


4. Are the prices realistic?

The disinfects that are being sold on the sire have lately been hard ti come across, sit that hose who keep looking for them on Google may end up on cleankish.com. Apart from that the sites including this one are charging prices that are too good to be true so they can get the people to buy. You wknt find hese disinfects on a legit site selling at the price that is being charged.


5. Contact Details

  • Address :  5822 Armour Dr, Houston, TX 77020
  • Phone :  +1 (713) 672-1666
  • Fax :  +1 (713) 672-1666
  • Hours :  Mon-Fri: 8:30am-7:30pm; Sat-Sun: 9:30am-4:30pm
  • Email :  service@cloroxllc.com

Cleankish claims to be using the above contact details. These are also being used by their fellow scam sites and hence we believe they are the same scammers using different sites. Those who have tried to call the phone number that is given have reported that the number is fake and can’t be accessed. Why would a legit site give fake phone number?

The address is also an address that belongs to the real Clorox company and does not belong to them. They will use the email address to send you fake tracking codes at times or send you fake guarantee that you will get your items.





Those who buy from the online store definitely won’t be getting anything as they have been promised by the site. There is no doubt that the online store is a scam. Do not buy from Cleankish.com if you have been planning on buying from them, you won’t get your item and will risk having your credit card details stolen. Share your experience and views on what is cleankish.com and also report any related or scam sites.

Good luck

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