What is ksdso.myshopify.com : Beware of scam

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What is ksdso.myshopify.com

Hello everyone and welcome to my review of ksdso.myshopify.com. In this review we will be assessing the legitimacy of the online store and make sure that no one gets scammed by this online store and anything else of this sort. Have you been scammed by the online store? Contact your bank to have your transaction cancelled and get your money back. I’m sure you came across this site on some facebook ads or on some instagram ads as this is where these out door sheds online store have been advertising their items. The site has been reported as an untrustworthy online store and if you she such questions as what is ksdso.myshopify.com, is it a scam, legit, honest, real, fake, fraudulent, trustworthy, good or bad online store then this review might help you and make sure you dont fall for their real.


 The truth about what is ksdso.myshopify.com

Although no reviews have been identified from those who have bought from the site, ksdso.myshopify.com is an untrustworthy online store and has many other likes site that are selling the same things they are selling on facebook and charging the same prices. Most like these sites are owned by the same group of people and they do not have a domain name to avoid having any expenses when they don’t intend to stay for long.

Yes, the site won’t be around for long, once they have had your money they will disappear and you won’t receive anything. The site is one out of a large number of groups that have been around for a month or 2 as at date of review. There are also many other scam sites that are advertising on facebook and these are not trustworthy online stores do not buy from them to avoid getting scammed. Below are some scam signs to help you find answers to your questions.


Red flags

The site is advertising the same things that many many other scam sites have been advertising and are advertising. The site is also charging prices that are too good to be trusted and which are too low to be real. You should never trust a new site and the site is also a new online store that has been launched and there are no whois details for this site and their phone number which they have provided does not work at all and this is used by scammers to avoid having anyone track them.





If you have been planning on buying from ksdso.myshopify.com you may want to revisit your decision. The site is not a good online store to buy from and if you do there are high chances of getting scammed. You will risk making a payment and not receiving anything, or receiving counterfeit items or having your credit card over charged. If you have more questions regarding what is ksdso.myshopify.com leave a comment below and if you have been scammed leave a comment too and comtact your bank so that they can cancel the transaction.

Good luck

1 comment on “What is ksdso.myshopify.com : Beware of scam

  1. Samantha

    Hi, I stupidly purchased an outdoor setting from ksdso.myshopify.com Saturday 5th Oct 2019 for $225 AUD including the postage I paid for to have it delivered in 3 – 7 business days on the Facebook Marketplace. The amount has come out of my account and I’ve received a confirmation email of my order. I have since researched this site and have realised I have most probably been scammed. So you say the bank will be able to retrieve my money? How could I have been so stupid!


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