What is Letionel.com : Scam or legit?

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What is Letionel.com

Hello guys and welcome to this review of Letionel.com. Here we are going to be looking at the legitimacy of this online store and help all those who may be looking for answers on whether they should buy from this unknown site and whether they can really get their items or it’s just a scam. As you shall find out in this review the site is an untrusted online store to buy from and there are chances of getting scammed if you do. There are quite a number of reasons why this site has been listed as an untrusted online store and has also been reported at Online threats alert site. So if you have such questions as what is Letionel.com, is it a scam, legit, honest, real, fake, fraudulent,  trustworthy, real, genuine, good or bad site to buy from then this review might just be of some help.


The truth about Letionel.com

Letionel.com is a new online store that is selling mini kiwi cutters. No doubt that the site is also advertising these items on facebook or instagram and this is how they are getting a lot people’s attention and this may by chance mean more people will get scammed. The site is only about a month or 2 old as at date of review and this means they are too new you cannot trust them.

Along with many other scam signs listed below the site has been advertising on facebook and you may want to know that more than 90% of the ads from new online stores on facebook come.out to be scams. If you buy from these credit card may be over charged, you may get a fake item or cheap item that doesn’t really match the amount of money you will have had paid and you may as well receive nothing. Below are some of the things that make the site untrustworthy and risky to buy from.


Red flags

Letionel.com for some reason may be hard to get to contact. The site has provided a phone number which isn’t in use and they don’t even ask for your email address so as to update you about the where about of your items. At whois where all domains are registered the site does not have any information which can tell us about who the owner of the site is even though this is mandatory for sites that have anything to do with people’s money. As has already been mentioned the site is too new to be trusted (never trust a new site) and was created on July 2019. Do the prices also seem too good to be true? Are thry cheaper sites? If yes then go buy from a trusted one instead.



The greatest probability is that the site won’t be available for long and if you have been scammed and its past date of delivery you may want to contact your bank and get the transaction cancelled. If you buy from the site you may be over charged, receive nothing or get a counterfeit. If you have been scammed or received your items or have questions regarding what is Letionel.com please leave a review in the comments section.

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